Wednesday 31 January 2018

My January Days

I'm sure I'm not the only person feeling pretty happy that today is the last day of January and we can all say goodbye to what is usually a dark and miserable month. Now that the evenings are getting lighter I can't help but start the Spring countdown. We've kept ourselves pretty busy this month in an attempt to beat the Winter blues, here are a few things that happened in January that didn't make the blog.

Wardrobe Discoveries

I'm determined to try and wear my forgotten clothes this year. I'm very guilty of saving things for "best", waiting for the perfect occasion (that inevitably never happens!) These pleather look skinny jeans have been sitting in my wardrobe for around two years and this month was the first time that I wore them. Effortlessly stylish, I loved wearing them and they'll definitely be making more of an appearance in 2018

New Girl in Toon - My January Days

Cinema Addiction

There's been plenty of hibernation in the cinema this month, the perfect way to spend cold January weekends. Simon and I both have Odeon Limitless cards which are a must if you're movie buffs like us, for £17.99 a month we can see as many films as we like and we love it!  This month's addiction has definitely been The Greatest Showman which we saw two weekends in a row, I can't stop singing the tunes.

My January Days - Odeon

Wolfmann's Eating House

I love trying out new places so was very happy to discover Wolfmann's Eating House in Chichester thanks to my friend Katie. Having only recently moved to the South Shield's coast she's been discovering some great little spots to enjoy good food in the area and knowing how much I love my scran she was keen to show off this place and I can see why. My Meatball Sandwich and Parmesan Fries were just what I needed for a Saturday treat.

My January Days - Wolfmanns Eating House

Baker Boy

Welcome to this month's obsession - Baker Boy hats! I love them and I never thought I would! After discovering my first in M&S I've since bought this beauty in Top Shop (who, FYI, have the best collection) My hair has a tendency to frizz the second I leave the house so I've been loving sticking one of these beauties on my head to hide it! Let's hope I can carry on wearing them in Spring.

My January Days - Baker Boy Hat

Winter Scenes 

I'm afraid I'm not one of those people who loses their head at the first sight of snow, in fact when it arrived this month I was fuming that my hubby woke me up at 3:00 am just to tell me it had been snowing (really!) Sure it looks pretty but when walking on a pavement involves dancing with death I'm not a happy lady. I'm counting down to Spring!

My January Days - Winter in Newcastle

Beret Dramas

We had great fun on my Instagram stories this month debating how on earth I should put this beret on my head. This was a sale purchase from Oliver Bonas and I love it but who knew wearing a beret would be so complicated. No matter what I did with it, it just looked all wrong. In the end I had to do some research online to work out how to wear it (oh dear!) If you want a laugh my beret drama is on my highlights on Instagram.


Primark has me wishing for Summer with their amazing collection of holiday goodies appearing in store. It felt rather odd looking at Summer things when there was snow on the ground but I couldn't resist purchasing this beautiful lemon embroidered hat. With no Summer holiday booked you can expect to see me skipping about Gateshead in it as soon as the sun makes an appearance!

My January Days - Primark Summer

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  1. We had the exact beret debate recently at a bloggers brunch! Tricky old things! Alice xxx

    1. It's so funny when you literally have to go on youtube to try and work it out!

  2. Haha I loved your beret quandary! I always wonder how to wear hats so I could really relate! x

    1. Well don't come to me for advice because I don't have a clue!

  3. I am still loving your Primarni shot - can't wait for spring!

    1. Thank you, I should be employed as a Primark shop dresser really!

  4. You're rocking those hats Chloe! I wish it would hurry up and get warmer too... brrrrrrrrrr. Thank god January is pretty much over with.

    1. Thank you, I'm completely addicted to hats at the moment, I keep finding myself wanting to buy more!

  5. Greatest showman has been one of highlights. Panned by critics, but we’ve seen it twice too. Cinema was packed today for it.


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