Wednesday 3 January 2018

The Top 10 of 2017

Happy New Year!

2017 was a great year for New Girl in Toon and I enjoyed working with some amazing local businesses, travelling all over the country and discovering even more great things about the wonderful North East. As is tradition, today I'm sharing with you my top 10 most read blog posts of 2017, click each title to read the post and enjoy.

The Top 10 of 2017 - New Girl in Toon

1. How to spend a week in Anglesey and North Wales - 20 September 2017

Considering that our British staycation was full of so many unfortunate events that I almost considered not writing about it, it seems so funny that this was my most read blog post of the year. We stayed in the picture perfect Beaumaris and I shared some of the beautiful places we visited along with plenty of very delicious food.  If you're looking for somewhere to staycation in 2018 you should definitely check out North Wales and Angelesy.

The Top 10 of 2017 - Beaumaris

2.  Newcastle - Fact v Fiction - 9 May 2017

I loved creating this post about Geordie stereotypes and life in the Toon - sorting out the truth from the rumours and the reality from the lies, I loved how many people got in touch to share their opinions.  Does everyone in Newcastle say "why aye"?  Do people really go out in Winter without a coat? and is life up north really grim? Read this post to learn all the answers!

3. 8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - 15 September 2017

I have discovered so many things about Newcastle since relocating to the North East 4 years ago and some of them might surprise you! If you want to know why you should always run under the Tyne Bridge and when not to go to Toon you need to check this blog post out.

The Top 10 of 2017 - Newcastle

4. Weddings at Webster's Ropery, Sunderland - 2 May 2017

I was a 2016 bride but still haven't managed to let go of my love for wedding planning and lusting over the amazing wedding venues in the North East so I'll continue to share plenty of wedding planning content on the blog. One of my most read blog posts of the year was a little look round Sunderland's most beautiful wedding venue, Webster's Ropery and if you're planning a wedding for 2018 you definitely need to take a look.

5. Experimental Diner at Alderman Fenwick's House - 19 May 2017

One of my biggest obsessions of 2017 was the Experimental Diner who brought the most amazing dining experiences to the North East. We were very lucky to attend the launch where we were served up an amazing meal by Simon Whitehead and Hugo Embleton-Black of Peace and Loaf at Alderman Fenwick's House, one of the oldest buildings in Newcastle. I can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeves for next year!

6. 5 of the Best Pizzas in Newcastle - 19 September 2017

Being married to the biggest fan of pizza I can't believe it took me this long to write a guide to the best pizzas in Newcastle. If you're planning an epic pizza party in the New Year you definitely need to check out my guide.

7. Meet and Treat, Newcastle - 3 October 2017

Meet and Treat, Taiwanese Gua Bao & Noodle House was a big hit in Newcastle in 2017 and after our visit I could see why, I enjoyed the most delicious meal with some friends and if you haven't been yet you really need to make a date.

The Top 10 of 2017 - Meet and Treat Newcastle

8. An Evening at Colonel Porter's Emporium, Newcastle - 13 June 2017

The quirkiest place to open in Newcastle in 2017 had to be Colonel Porter's Emporium. Botanical garden, rhum bar and tavern of wonders it is the most magical place and stepping through the doors is a little like being transported to a different world. I've visited a couple of times since the launch night and each time I go I notice new things!

9. A Day Trip to Amble - 21 July 2017

I really want to share more day trip ideas on the blog in 2018 so I was really happy that our spontaneous day trip to Amble in Northumberland was one of my most popular posts of the year. I love exploring new places in the North East and there's always more to discover. Beautiful views, colourful beach huts and delicious ice creams - I highly recommend a visit to Amble.

10. Climbing Roseberry Topping - 17 May 2017

Climbing Roseberry Topping had been on my to do list ever since relocating to the North East so I was very happy that I finally got to visit in 2017 and even more happy when you all enjoyed reading about our adventure. After a fairly easy climb we discovered some spectacular views and if you're yet to plan a trip make sure it's your mission in 2018.

The Top 10 of 2017 - Roseberry Topping

Reading back through my 2017 adventures I can't wait to see what 2018 will bring!  At the moment our diary is looking pretty empty, a blank canvass just ready to be filled with holidays, day trips and exciting discoveries - I can't wait to share it all with you.

Thank you for your support in 2017!


  1. I can't believe your Wales trip was your no1 post - I can't wait to see where your adventures take you this year xx

  2. I loved your Geordie stereotypes post!

    1. Awww thank you, I love writing posts like that, the inspiration suddenly hits me .. waiting for my next great idea!

  3. It's so funny what makes the top 10 most viewed posts. I think you have a great top 10! Love reading your blog as always can't wait to see what 2018 brings to NGIT!! Katie x

  4. Happy New Year Chloe! What a great year you've had. I'm already looking forward to reading about what you get up to Oop North in 2018!

    From your long-time southern reader, Jo xx

    Jo Fisher Writes

  5. I think this list shows exactly what your blog is all about! Good fun, exciting trips and a love of the north east. Happy 2018 xxxx

  6. Enjoyed reading this - looks like you've had a fab 2017! Happy New Year - hope 2018 is just as good! xo

  7. I love this! I'm from Newcastle but working in Beijing right now so I love getting to be back in Newcastle vicariously through your blog. Nikki x

    1. Awww that has made my day, thank you so much! Hope you get to come back home soon x


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