Tuesday 23 January 2018

10 Reasons Why We Love being National Trust Members

Have I ever mentioned how much we love being National Trust Members? Simon's Mum bought us a joint membership for Christmas last year and we enjoyed it so much she renewed it again for 2018.  It honestly is the gift that keeps on giving and, in the hope that some of you will get as much enjoyment out of it was we do, I thought I'd share 10 reasons why we love being National Trust Members.

1. Effortless Walks

Simon and I enjoy walking but aren't exactly experienced hikers so having access to easy walks in so much beautiful parkland across the country is ideal. Routes are clearly signposted, maps are provided, there's no chance of getting lost and quite often you'll find a nice bench to sit on just as you start to get tired. Beautiful walks without any of the worry, walking with National Trust is a dream!

10 Reasons Why We Love being National Trust Members

2. Diary Planning

There's always something happening at National Trust. Christmas carols, Mother's Day celebrations, craft lessons and guided tours we could pack our diaries out every weekend of the year if we fancied it. An effortless way to keep your diary full of plans, waking up on a Saturday morning and checking the National Trust app is the greatest way to come up with a weekend adventure with minimal effort.

3. Tea Room Treats

Surely you know me well enough by now to know that cake it always going to feature somewhere! Although we try to resist the pull of the National Trust tea rooms sometimes we have to treat ourselves to something naughty after a long walk. A huge slab of Victoria Sponge (big shout out to Gibside who do the best!) or a cheeky sausage roll (the beauty down below is from Blickling Hall in Norfolk!) is well deserved after all that exercise.

National Trust Members - Blickling Hall

4. Flower Displays

I love seasonal flower displays and find myself obsessively hunting out snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells. Luckily our National Trust membership makes it easy to find the best displays and Simon is very thankful that I no longer make him drive all over the place trying to hunt down flowers. My favourite has to be the stunning collection of bluebells at Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland.

5. Perfect Pints

Yes, I did say pints! Did you know that National Trust own over 35 pubs across the country? Home cooked food, cosy corners and open fires await tired walkers or, if you want something truly special, Gibside in Gateshead opens its doors until late on Friday and Saturday evenings where you can enjoy Wylam Brewery ales, wood fired pizza and live music in their outdoor pub.

National Trust Members - Gibside Pub
6. Posh Houses

A real life "Through the Key Hole", we love nosing round the posh National Trust houses.  With huge staircases, beautiful furniture and tales of lavish parties and wonderful characters, I love transporting myself to another world in their stunning historical homes.

7. Wildlife Spots

In our short time as National Trust members we have seen some truly amazing things that we will remember forever. We spent hours sitting in a bird hide at Wallington watching the red squirrels, saw a deer dash across the path in front of us on a woodland walk and even watched a lamb being born during a hike at Gibside.

National Trust Members - Red Squirrel Wallington

8. Staycation Plans

We love using our National Trust membership when we're visiting other parts of the country and so far we've visited Plas Newydd in Anglesey, Stowe in Buckinghamshire, Tatton Park in Cheshire and Sheringham Park in Norfolk. It's great to have ready made day trips when we're on staycation.

9. Garden Days

We have a very small garden at our house so being a member of National Trust gives us access to some beautiful lawns and fields where we can spend an entire Summer afternoon playing ball games, enjoying picnics and sleeping in the sun. I'm pretty sure Seaton Delaval are fed up of seeing me snoozing in their grass!

National Trust Members - North East

10. Photography Days

If, like us, you fancy yourself as a bit of an amateur photographer there's no better place to practice your skills than at National Trust. With some stunning backdrops, endless locations and breathtaking views you don't get a classroom much better than National Trust!

National Trust Members - Roseberry Topping

If you're a National Trust member too let me know your favourite places to visit, we're hoping to get out and about and explore loads more this year!

Want to become a National Trust member? You can find all the details here.


  1. Gorgeous photos Chloe! I would also add that a NT membership is fab for kids - some of the best parks we've ever been to have been at NT properties and the kids always love the various activities in the walled garden at Gibside x

    1. Thank you, poor husband never gets to have a proper walk as I always want to stop and take photos every few minutes! Oooh yes NT is so good for kids, Gibside always seems especially popular!

  2. Your photos are absolutely lush! I love our NT membership although we haven't really got much use out of it as Matty has been so busy with studying for his masters the last few times he's been home. I hope to get more use out of it this year. (If he agrees to renew!) Katie x

    1. Thank you! We didn't get a lot of use out of ours at the end of the year cos we got so busy - really wish weekends were longer!

  3. My partner and I are members. However we have not used our membership as much as we could have in recent times. Thanks for a few new ideas! Also being a NT member means you get a discount at Cotswold Outdoors( outdoor clothing store) which is great. :)

  4. Agree Chloe - we were NT members as a couple and now as a family - think we are now on our 15th year. Great for holidays in this country and gives you a couple of "free" days out. Try and get Stourhead on your list - best NT garden I've ever walked round!

  5. My mum in law bought life time membership for me and my husband for Christmas one year. The best present ever. When our kids were.young we spent practically every weekend at gibside. I miss those days and don't visit as much as I'd like too. It's a real privilege to have national trust membership.

    1. Oh wow! My Grandad bought my Grandma lifetime membership many many moons ago and I've always thought it was such a lovely present .. he's long gone now but she still has her day trips out and about to National Trust, each time it's like he's still with her ... so romantic!

  6. We absolutely love the NT - just getting ready to renew our membership!


    1. I didn't even hesitate when Mother in Law asked us if we'd like to renew our membership for Christmas!

  7. I clicked on this post from the National Trust Facebook page and I would agree with everything you say (my youngest would definitely be with you on the quality of the sausage rolls!) We have been members for a good few years now and actually decided to use some money we inherited to pay for life membership. I would add that in addition to your staycation point NT properties have been very useful for breaking long journeys. We have to travel quite far to visit family and try to find a NT near main roads to stop for food etc. Much nicer than motorway services, it’s worth the extra few miles! Clumber Park (Notts) or Nostell Priory (Yorks) near the A1, Hardwick Hall near the M1 (Derbyshire) and Little Moreton Hall near the M6 (Cheshire) are some of our favourites.

    1. Yes! Another sausage roll fan! Love the idea of breaking up long journeys with National Trust, such a great idea! We travel quite a bit too, our family is spread all over the country and this would be so much better than stopping at the overcrowded service stations - thank you for the inspiration!


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