Wednesday 17 October 2018

The Best Restaurants in Newcastle for Comfort Food this Autumn

Although I obviously love my food whatever the season, Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year to truly indulge in the best restaurants in Newcastle. There's something about the sudden drop in temperature and darker nights that makes me crave comfort food. Getting cosy in a dark corner stuffing myself with hot soup, stodgy pies, fruity crumbles and freshly harvested vegetables is my idea of heaven and the very best way to welcome the change of season.  Is it just me or is Autumnal produce just the best? So I thought I'd pull together a small collection of the best restaurants in Newcastle for comfort food this Autumn - these are my favourite spots this time of year, not just for their amazing seasonal menus but also for their wonderful atmosphere.

I think you could manage to quite easily get round them all before Winter! Enjoy!


When I think of comfort food pies are probably the first thing that pop into my head and you wont get any better in Newcastle than RedHouse. Buttery pastry, delicious hot fillings, lashings of thick gravy and, especially for the Geordies, Pease Pudding. The ultimate treat on a dark cold evening! The restaurant is a maze of dimly lit hidden corridors, cobbled floors and secret corners, it really is the perfect place to dine in Autumn.

Newcastle Comfort Food this Autumn - Redhouse


Blackfriars is one of our favourite places to head in Autumn, as they cook with seasonal local produce their menu truly comes alive this season with pumpkins, blackberry sorbets and Autumn roots. The old friary is a real escape from the outside world and its so dark and cosy it's the best place to escape a blustery Autumnal day.

The Forth 

Cosy pubs in the Autumn are a must and I have to say The Forth is Newcastle's cosiest. Surprisingly spacious on the inside it's a maze of secret corners and its hearty pub grub really warms up your belly. Their weekly pub quizzes and Sunday lunches make it the ideal place for an Autumn gathering with friends.

The Broad Chare

The Broad Chare's annual Oktoberfest menu truly kicks off the Autumn season in Newcastle and although you are too late to enjoy it this year, their menu is fully loaded with seasonal treats to keep your warm this Fall. Serving some of the best beers in Toon, and with a cracking menu, The Broad Chare is small, cosy and has a really love atmosphere.

Newcastle Comfort Food this Autumn - The Broad Chare
Redheads Mac n Cheese

This one is a little different to the others as it isn't actually a restaurant but I really couldn't write a post about Autumn comfort food without mentioning Redheads Mac n Cheese because they are a must for this time of year. Easily my favourite street food vendors in the North East you can find them at the Quayside Market every Sunday and grabbing a pot of piping hot mac n cheese to enjoy whilst strolling along the Tyne is the best way to spend an Autumn afternoon.

Dobson and Parnell

If you are yet to try Dobson and Parnell then you have to give it a go this Autumn because they are another of my favourite restaurants for serving the very best seasonal produce. Their exposed lighting, dark interiors and plush leather booths make them a great place to to hide away in this Autumn and their ever changing menu always delivers.

Newcastle Comfort Food this Autumn - Dobson and Parnell

Those are just a few of the best restaurants in Newcastle for comfort food this Autumn.  I'm sure there are many more so please do make sure you let me know your favourites!


  1. Lush! Did you see that Nigella posted about The Borax Chase's mince and dumplings on her Insta? I LOVE this!

    1. Just had to work out what "Borax Chase" is and realised it's The Broad Chare (damn auto correct!) - OH WOW! Love that! Glad she picked somewhere so good to go!

  2. I NEED to go to Redhouse for some pies! They look amazing. Defintely think this time of year is the best for food. Nothing better than sitting down to some lush warm comforting food when its cold, wet and windy outside! xx

    Abbey | Diary of a Fibro Girl

    1. I haven't been for a good while so I think I need to revisit this Autumn too!

  3. Oh my goodness I shouldn't have read this post when I'm so hungry! I really want a super comforting pie now... x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  4. I keep saying I want to try Redhouse - loving having pies back in my life now we are back in the UK. Definitely need to get some of that mac 'n' cheese down my neck at the market as well! Thanks for sharing all these fab places and making me hungry.

    1. You should definitely do a foodie breakfast crawl down the Quayside Market one Sunday!

  5. Love this! I have a huge list of places to eat at when I come home, all from your blog. I've been checking out Browns Christmas menu - it's amazing! You should definitely add it to your list!


    1. I tried Browns a couple of times when I first moved to Newcastle and had two disappointing meals so haven't been back since ... one day I should probably give them another chance!

  6. I love Broadchare and Dobson and Parnells - their 2 4 1 Tuesday deal is such great value for money.

    1. I still haven't taken Simon to Dobson and Parnell - need to go back!


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