Wednesday 10 October 2018

My Favourite North East Instagram Accounts to Follow

If I were to ever sit down and work out how many hours I waste on Instagram I think I'd be pretty shocked. Scrolling through picture perfect images is my favourite way to procrastinate and if I have something important to do you can guarantee that rather than getting on with it I will find myself gazing at Instagram!

I am a self confessed Instagram addict! I love it and honestly can't get enough! My absolute favourite thing is to stumble across an amazing North East instagram account. I have built up a wonderful network on Instagram of locals who share the very best places in the North East and, I'll let you into a secret, most of my "must try" list is now made up of places that I've spotted on Instagram

My Favourite North East Instagram Accounts to Follow

So today I thought I would share with you my favourite North East Instagram accounts. Each one of these accounts shares photographs that show off our region in the very best way - whether it's beautiful scenery, food to make your mouth water or incredible adventures.

These people aren't insta famous, they don't have thousands of followers, they are just normal people taking amazing photographs because they love where they live and want to shout about it, and in my mind those are the very best kinds of people on Instagram.

Enjoy and please do let me know if there are any other amazing locally based Instagram accounts that I've missed!

Arguably Kelly

Kelly is a 20 something arts graduate with a great eye for capturing Newcastle. Her feed is a fabulous collection of bold photographs which quite often show places I stroll past without a second thought look truly beautiful. I especially love her building and landscape photography and each time she posts a photo I find myself falling in love with the North East all over again.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Arguably Kelly

The Meli Adventure

I was over the moon when I first discovered Melissa's account as she posts the most fantastic food photographs that always make my mouth water.  A recently qualified nutritionist, Melissa often shares thought provoking videos on her Stories including myth busting, recipes and restaurant reviews. Until recently Melissa was based in Newcastle so her Instagram is a colourful collection of the best places in the Toon to grab some delicious food and although she's now left Newcastle she often returns to continue her food adventures in the North East (thank goodness!)

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - The Meli Adventure


Karen is another lady who knows how to show off the North East and her food photography is so inspirational I've often found myself making food plans after losing far too many hours drooling over her latest discoveries. When Karen's not sharing her scran she enjoys a spot of globe trotting which basically makes her Instagram feed picture perfect.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Karen

Kate Dowell

Katie is a lass from Sunderland who I've been stalking on Instagram for a while now. The dark hues of her photos really make her images pop and she's the Queen of discovering the best spots for coffee (if you want to know where the most beautiful coffee shops in the North East are you really need to give her a follow!

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Kate Dowell

Em Dark

I am obsessed with Emm's photographs and her Instagram is one huge colourful adventure that immediately wants me to explore more of our beautiful region. Emm's talent doesn't just end with creating a stunning Instagram, she's also the creator of The Little Confetti Company designing hand lettered gifts and cards.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Em Dark

It's Amy Jane

Amy is the absolute queen of taking the most beautiful photographs of Newcastle. Most of the pictures she shares are of the city and she really has an eye for detail and is so skilled at picking out the most beautiful architecture to share. She has opened my eyes to so many buildings in Newcastle that I have never noticed before.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - It's Amy Jane

A quick glance at Zoe's instagram account and you'll immediately fall in love with our dramatic North East coastline. With splashes of vibrant colour, Zoe's photographs are a daily reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the country. She has a real knack of finding unique view points and I'm always amazed by her wild flower shots at the Northumberland coast.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Zoe

A Slice of the Toon

A Slice of the Toon is one of my biggest North East Instagram obsessions, with a great collection of inspiring adventures and the most delicious food photographs my "must try" list will forever be full thanks to this Instagram account. Probably best not to scroll this one with a hungry tummy!

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - A Slice of the Toon

Lucee Loves

Lucy loves an adventure in the North East and her Instagram is full of the greatest looking walks and adventures. Lucy lives her life to the full and always makes me want to grab my hiking boots and go on an adventure. If there's a hill to climb or a waterfall to discover you can guarantee that Lucy will be there! She makes me wish every day that I had more time to truly explore the North East.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Lucee Loves

Katy Wheeler

Being a blogger I sometimes bump into the local press at events and by far my favourite is the lovely Katy, who I once had the pleasure of sitting next to at a press dinner. Writer at the Sunderland Echo, Katy's job takes her all over the North East sampling the region's best hotels, restaurants, bars and experiences and every day she's sharing somewhere amazing on her Instagram.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - Katy Wheeler

The Squeaky Peach 

My latest discovery on Instagram, I'm pretty new to The Squeaky Peach but am already hooked on all of the delicious North East food to be found on the grid. A great one to follow if you're vegan, I'm always inspired by all of the colourful dishes with plenty of places that I'm yet to try to add to my list.

North East Instagram Accounts to Follow - The Squeaky Peach

I think you'll agree with me that all of these accounts are very inspirational and as I'm always looking out for more please let me know if I've missed your favourite!


  1. I can't believe I'd not heard of most of these! All stunning and I'm going to follow them all! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. So happy! I'm more than a little obsessed with finding great North East accounts to follow, I'm forever stalking geo tags to find more!

  2. Some great accounts I’ve not come across yet! Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. No problem! I do like to consider myself a bit of a pro at finding great North East accounts!

  3. All of these accounts are beautiful - apart from Melissa and Slice of the Toon I don’t think I’ve ever stumbled across any of these - definitely going to follow immediately. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No worries! Every time I discover a new one I get so excited!! It takes quite a lot of work to discover the really good ones, sometimes they're hiding but I find them eventually!

  4. I loved this post - I've found myself a good few new accounts to follow! I used to live up in Newcastle, but have slowly been going south - Durham for a year, now back to North Yorkshire - so still pretty close by, but I always love seeing pictures of the area!

    1. Ahhh I'm so glad! Love North Yorkshire, my Grandma was born there and what a beautiful beautiful place to live!

  5. I'd not heard of most of these, thanks for sharing! My list of things to do when I move back to the North East is already growing from looking through them :) Nikki x


    1. Ahhh I'm so glad, honestly there's so much to be doing up here at the moment!

  6. Ooh I love finding more people to follow from the North East so thanks for sharing this! :D Going to stalk all of them now ;D

    1. Ahh i'm so glad, I'm honestly completely obsessed with all of these accounts!


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