Monday 25 February 2019

The Herb Garden Newcastle - Not Just About the Pizza!

This is a collaboration with The Herb Garden

I never thought it would be possible to go to The Herb Garden and not order pizza! The Herb Garden is easily one of the best places in Toon for a fully loaded pizza, it's never occurred to me that there might be other dishes on offer. Why bother to look at another part of the menu when the pizzas are so perfect, am I right?

So when Herb Garden invited me to pop in to try out their new look menu I made a promise to myself that I would open my eyes to other offerings. A night out at Herb Garden with no pizza - this was going to be a first!

The Herb Garden Newcastle - Not Just About the Pizza!

If you've never visited Herb Garden (not wanting to be rude, but where on earth have you been?!) then you really must make a plan to visit. You'll find the beautiful restaurant under the arches close to Central Station, so close in fact that meals are often accompanied by the sound of rumbling trains on the tracks above your head. The lanterns suspended from the ceiling have to be one of the most photographed things in the Toon, and did I mention the pizza?

My dining partner hadn't had the best day and was keen to pick up the drinks menu. What kind of friend would I be if I let her drink alone? I quickly realised that I've never had a G&T at The Herb Garden so was keen to order one of their "Speciality Drinks" - the Coasts (£6.90) - Malfy Bloodorange Gin with Elderflower Tonic and edible flower garnish. It appeared as pretty as a picture and served in a glass that I instantly wanted to add to my home bar (it might be my age but I've recently found myself really admiring glassware!)

The Herb Garden Newcastle - Gin

As it was my friend's first visit I informed her that, no questions asked, she HAD to order a pizza! So she went for the one new pizza on the menu, the "Number 12" - Tomato, Mozzarella, Chicken, Garlic and Sweetcorn. Herb Garden have such a great pizza menu there really isn't any need for them to change so if you love their pizzas don't worry - you'll still find a fully loaded menu.

The main changes to the menu are additional sides and starters to compliment dishes, a lovely range of salads and a bit of a refresh to the Specials Menu. The Specials Menu is where you'll find the majority of the new dishes and it's the best place to look if you're fancying something other than pizza. There were some delicious sounding options when we visited including Salmon Royale and "Tapas in the Toon" - a sharing platter for two that would be perfect with a few drinks!

I decided to order the Flat Iron Steak (£13.00) - lightly spiced juicy Flat Iron Steak and Chimichurri served with Lemon and Chilli Broccolini. The menu stated that the steak came served "medium-rare" which isn't my usual choice for steak (I only ever like my steak served rare) but I decided to give it a go.

The presentation of the dish was absolutely beautiful, and looked so good I probably took way more photographs than I needed to, I'm such a fan of well presented food and this plate just ticked every box.  I loved the "no fuss" of the way the steak was served, all too often steaks are drowned in sauces and served with so many accompaniments that it kind of takes the shine off the main element of the dish. The Lemon and Chilli Broccolini was delicious and I really loved the Chimichurri, the perfect accompaniment to the Steak. Unfortunately it hasn't tempted me to switch my usual order from rare to medium rare, it was tasty but nothing will ever beat a perfectly pink steak.

The Herb Garden Newcastle - Steak

Now, I know this will definitely shock my regular readers, but we decided against having dessert on this visit. It's a shame really as the Herb Garden desserts are beautiful, but we just didn't have the room this time! Good excuse for another visit if you ask me.

I really enjoyed revisiting The Herb Garden and trying out something a bit different from their menu, I have to say though that, if I'm being completely honest, I really missed the pizza and I really do think that they are the best offering on The Herb Garden menu! I spent most of my meal eyeing up my friend's pizza and wondering if she'd notice if I swiped some.

So yes, The Herb Garden isn't just about the pizza, but if you're a fan of perfect crusts, gooey cheese and delicious toppings there really is no other way!

The Herb Garden Newcastle
Find Herb Garden at:

8 Westgate Road

0191 222 0491

I was treated to a complimentary meal for two at The Herb Garden in exchange for this honest review. 



  1. I am very shocked about the lack of dessert but you are right - great excuse to go back. You can't beat a good steak and it's nice to know there are options for non-pizza lovers (if these people exist! haha) x

    1. I blame Kelly - she was so stuffed after her pizza she couldn't fit it in! She probably also felt awkward because I'd been literally oggling her pizza for our entire meal!

  2. Looks great! i've only been there once years ago-need to make a date to go back! that pizza looks amazing and it's great that the steak was a hit too for non-pizza people!

    1. I tend to forget about that little group of restaurants hidden away there but every time I revisit the Herb Garden I'm like ARGGGH how did I forget about this pizza!!!

  3. It's not a restaurant that I've yet visited in Newcastle. As a pizza fan it sounds like somewhere I should visit.

    1. Yes, most definitely! Their pizzas really are very very good!

  4. The Herb Garden has long been one of my favourite restaurants in Newcastle. I’m a huge fan of their superfood salad with halloumi.

    1. I really wish I could order a nice salad when I'm out and about but I just get too distracted by the nice pizzas!


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