Wednesday 27 February 2019

Where to enjoy the Best Pancakes in the North East on Pancake Day

Ah Pancake Day, the day where we remind ourselves that we're not actually too great at making our own pancakes and so head out to enjoy the best pancakes in the North East that someone else has lovingly made us. Perhaps we're just being a tad lazy, but who wants to be scraping sticky pancake batter off the floor when they could be enjoying a pancake stack or perfectly prepared crepe at some of the loveliest places in the North East? Want to know where to enjoy the best pancakes in Newcastle and the North East on Pancake Day? I think you're going to enjoy this one!

Where to enjoy the Best Pancakes in Newcastle and the North East on Pancake Day

Monsieur Crepe Cafe, Heaton

If you find it hard to choose between crepes and stacks then Monsieur Creperie has to be your Pancake Day destination as they have both on offer (hey, maybe you could even go for both?) With the largest pancake menu in the North East they offer something for everyone and I can guarantee you will struggle to choose what to go for because everything sounds so delicious. The portions are generous, the staff are lovely and it's the cutest little spot!

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Where to enjoy the Best Pancakes in North East on Pancake Day
The Dispensary, Newcastle

I obviously had to give a big shout out to Newcastle's hottest new breakfast venue didn't I? They may have only been open a few weeks but their pancake stacks have to be the most photographed dish in the Toon and for good reason. You will need your stretchy pants for their stack, it's huge and the toppings are plentiful - I hear a rumour they might have some pancake specials ready for the big day so make a plan!

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Where to enjoy the Best Pancakes in Newcastle on Pancake Day

La Petite Creperie, Newcastle

Are you a fan of proper authentic French crepes? La Petite Creperie in Grainger Market really can't be beaten! With a choice of savoury galettes and sweet crepes they are the ideal place for a two course Pancake Day feast. Completely different to any other pancake you'll find on this guide, the savouries are thin and crispy with the sweet perfectly prepared fluffy crepes - delicious.

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Best Pancakes in Newcastle on Pancake Day
Flat White Kitchen, Durham

Pretty sure the pancakes at Flat White Kitchen are the most famous in the North East, people queue out in the street for them and even if you turn up at opening time the chances are you'll still be waiting for a table. I think these might be the highest stacks you'll find in the region, they are so thick and so loaded they're in danger of toppling over. This one is definitely for the pancake pros.

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Best Pancakes in North East on Pancake Day - Flat White

Cafe  19, Whitley Bay 

Homemade pancakes (far better than the pancakes you'll ever make in your own home!) with delicious topping choices, the pancakes at Cafe 19 in Whitley Bay are great if you want to create you own perfect flavour combinations. Choose between a variety of toppings - I'm a fan of their homemade mixed berry compote with whipped cream and their pancakes are so light and fluffy.

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Best Pancakes in North East on Pancake Day - Cafe 19
Waffle and Pancake House Spanish City

Pancakes without the fuss, the Waffle and Pancake House serve crepes just like the ones at home but without any of that annoying washing up. These pancakes are served in the beautiful Spanish City right on the Whitley Bay seafront and if you really fancy enjoying that stunning scenery you can enjoy them as takeout - pretty sure pancakes by the sea can't be beaten.

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Best Pancakes in North East on Pancake Day - Waffle and Pancake House

The Pancake Kitchen, Seaham

One of the prettiest spots in the North East to enjoy a pancake, you'll find The Pancake Kitchen on Seaham Harbour - ideal for a pancake and a potter! With over 15 savoury and sweet pancakes to pick from the menu is impressive, the toppings are plentiful and if, like us, you love nothing more than dog spotting they are very dog friendly so it's a great place to make some new furry friends.

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Best Pancakes in North East on Pancake Day - The Pancake Kitchen

Kiln, Ouseburn

It's pretty impossible for me to write a food guide without including Kiln in Ouseburn, I confess I'm a little obsessed. They serve the best brunches, incredible cakes and their coffee is fantastic so it will probably come as no surprise that they also do a pretty banging pancake. Ridiculously photogenic and with so much topping you'll definitely struggle to finish!

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Best Pancakes in North East on Pancake Day - Kiln
So where are we heading for Pancake Day? We're actually going to try something new this year! So keep your eye on my Instagram to see where we end up.

Where do you like to go for Pancake Day? I'd love to hear if you have any other recommendations.


  1. I thought you were trying out a lot of pancakes lately...all in the name of research!

    1. Ha! I may have had a couple! This research has been a few years in the making though and I'm sure I'll have some more to add after Pancake Day next week!

  2. Great recommendations as always Chloe, but Aidan's in Sandyford deserves a mention for their homemade nutella and banana stack, keep up the good work!

    1. Yes! We did pop in for breakfast a few months ago and Simon had the pancakes - unfortunately I didn't try them so I'll have to go back for some so I can add them to the guide. You're not the first person to shout at me for missing them out so they must be good!

  3. Oh yum - where is your favourite from the list? My favourite has to be La Petite Creperie. Can't beat them x

    1. Oooooh that's so tough but I think it has to be Monsieur Creperie .. and I need to go back because it's been a while!

  4. I keep forgetting about pancake day and this has got me so excited again!! Now where to choose...

    1. It's so confusing because it's so late this year!

  5. Omg now I need a whole stack of pancakes. Crepes with lemon and sugar is my drug of choice haha

  6. Those ones from Monsieur Crepe Cafe looks SO indulgent and yummy! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Ooooh yes, they are probably our favourite of the lot!


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