Friday 10 May 2019

A Day Trip to Corbridge, Northumberland

One of the best things about having a blog is that when you are having a debate about how long it's been since you last visited somewhere it's very easy to settle the argument. That's how I know that it had been five years since our last visit to the beautiful Northumberland village of Corbridge, yes FIVE YEARS! A day trip to Corbridge was definitely long overdue.

A Day Trip to Corbridge, Northumberland
Ask me why it had been so long since our last visit and I really don't know the answer. Corbridge ticks every box I have when it comes to day trip requirements - cake shops aplenty, beautiful Northumberland scenery, plenty of windows to nose through, idyllic walks and pretty streets to photograph.

How on earth had we forgotten about this gem for so long?

Day Trip to Corbridge, Northumberland

Travelling to Corbridge

Corbridge is very easy to reach direct by train from Newcastle, the very first time we visited was long before we had a car and we were so happy we could visit somewhere so lovely without having our own wheels.   Trains run every hour, take around 35 minutes and, at the time of writing this, tickets cost from around £6.50 for a return. The centre of the village is an easy walk from the station and takes you over the most beautiful bridge into Corbridge.

We decided to take the car to Corbridge on this visit and we were so happy to discover that the parking is pretty great with a decent sized free carpark just a few minutes walk away from the village centre.

Day Tripping to Corbridge, Northumberland

River Walks

Corbridge has to be one of the most beautiful places to admire the River Tyne, it's hard to believe this is the same river that runs through Newcastle - the peaceful banks in Northumberland's beautiful village is the perfect spot for a long leisurely walk with the dog or a picnic in the sunshine. Although we've never ventured far along the path there are miles of riverside to explore offering some great views across Northumberland and the chance to escape the hectic craziness of life.

Day Tripping to Corbridge

The River Tyne is the first part of Corbridge you'll reach whether you have travelled my road or rail and we decided to stop on our way into the village to admire the views and enjoy the sunshine at the water's edge. 

Day Trip to Corbridge
Discover RE

I don't think it's possible to visit Corbridge without popping into RE a huge homewear store quite unlike any other you'll ever visit.  The unusual shop is filled to the brim with quirky objects, fascinating treasures and the weird and wonderful - perfect talking points for your home.

We love to potter around the store and can get lost for hours searching the shelves for inspiration for our home and garden. On this visit I lost Simon for a good 15 minutes when I found myself hunting through a collection of magical looking keys which, for a moment, I convinced myself I really needed.

I discovered it's probably best not to wander off in separate directions when you're visiting RE.  That tends to be when the crazy purchases happen - you have been warned!

Day Trip to Corbridge - RE
Coffee and Cake

Of course no day trip for us is complete without a few stops for coffee and cake (let me tell you strolling around beautiful Northumbrian villages is hard work, the legs needed a rest!) and in Corbridge we were spoilt for choice.

Simon insisted on having a sit down more or less as soon as we arrived so we headed to Tea and Tipple for a quick morning coffee. He was happy to enjoy his first coffee of the day and I was over the moon to discover a nice collection of North East tourist leaflets to read. It doesn't matter how long I have lived here, I will never tire of reading brightly coloured leaflets and making adventure plans. Simon is fed up of clearing tourist leaflets out of our glove box!

Day Trip to Corbridge - Tea and Tipple
Another must stop place in Corbridge has to be Grants Bakery, an award winning handcrafted bakery right in the centre of the village that has a window display to be proud of. There are a huge number of treats to choose from including meringues the size of your head, massive slices of quiche, cream cakes and the famous White Chocolate and Raspberry Scones that we had to buy to take home for later. I promise you, it's impossible to walk out of that place without a brown paper bag full of treats!

Day Trip to Corbridge - Grants Bakery

As if that wasn't enough treats we also stopped for some afternoon tea and cake at Watling Coffee House where we shared a delicious Chocolate Orange Cake (complete with oozing orange marmalade!) and a pot of tea for two.

There are a fair few tea rooms and coffee shops to choose from in Corbridge so we already have some places picked out for our next visit.

Day Trip to Corbridge - Watling Coffee House

 Cottages and Shopping

We visited Corbridge on a Sunday which is an ideal time if you want to enjoy the village slightly quieter. The majority of the restaurants and cafes were open as well as the bakery and a few shops but the majority of independent stores are closed so if its a shopping experience you want it'd be best to visit Corbridge on another day. I quite enjoyed the experience of the pavements being a lot quieter than our previous visit and loved nosing through the windows - there really are some beautiful shops in Corbrige.

Day Trip to Corbridge - Shopping
When you're not looking round the shops I highly recommend just going for a little wander and getting lost down the streets of honey coloured cottages and houses. If you want to play "fantasy home" there really is no better spot than Corbridge.

Day Trip to Corbridge in Northumberland

Rows upon rows of stunning houses line the roads, with beautiful doors, pretty wreaths and plenty of colourful blooms. I find it impossible to walk more than a few steps without wanting to stop and admire the views.

Day Trip to Corbridge Northumberland

I also spent a fair amount of our trip to Corbridge making notes (yes, actual notes - I am that geeky!) about all of the restaurants and cafes that I want to visit on future trips. Recently opened Four and Twenty looks so cute (and having done some research it looks like their menu is mostly made up of pies - yes please!) and I really do want to try Duck House which just looks lovely.

Trip to Corbridge Northumberland

Forum Books

If books are your jam Forum Books is a must visit, it smells so good (something only true book lovers will get) and we loved wandering around the book shelves. I spent ages flicking through the local books and you should have seen the panicked look in Simon's eyes when he caught me with my nose buried in a book on Northumberland walks, he will never know how many new adventures I planned in those few minutes he left me on my own in Forum Books!

Trip to Corbridge Northumberland - Forum Books

The Pele Micro Pub

If you're lucky enough not to be the designated driver then a stop at The Pele, Corbridge's micro pub is the perfect way to end your day in Corbridge. You'll find it opposite Forum Books in a three story stone tower dating back to 1318 - with lights strung across the outside courtyard it's the prettiest pub you'll ever see and that's before you've even got through the front door.

Trip to Corbridge Northumberland - Pele Micro Pub
Buy your drink from the well stocked bar before carrying your drink up the narrow stone steps to the first floor where you'll be greeted to a cosy seating area with Game of Thrones style chairs, beer barrel tables and a fireplace that has already made me decide I need to return in the Winter months.

Trip to Corbridge Northumberland - Micro Pub

Corbridge Northumberland - Micro Pub
I loved enjoying my drink whilst watching the faces on the people coming up the stairs and seeing the place for the first time. It's impossible to reach the top step without saying "wow"! If you love really unique micro pubs then this is somewhere you really must visit, it's a very special place and the best way to finish your day trip to Corbridge.

Corbridge Northumberland - Micro Pub Pele

If you're planning a holiday to Hadrian's Wall any time soon then Corbridge is a "must visit", it's a great spot for the Northumbrian tourist and, if you're local like us, there really is no excuse if it's been a long time since your last visit!

Corbridge Northumberland Day Trip

We definitely won't be leaving it so long before our next visit and if you have any recommendations of places we should see on our next trip make sure you let me know, I'm ready to plan our next visit.


  1. Corbridge is lush isn't it! We love taking the kids but I always yearn for the day I can browse around all of the gorgeous shops in peace. Saying that, we left them outside Corbridge Cookshop when we browsed last time ;-) haha!

    1. So lovely, I can't believe it had been so long since our last visit!

  2. Lovely blog about our gorgeous village - shame we were closed you so couldn’t come in for a browse! Glad you started a list of must do’s for next time though xx

    1. We definitely won't be leaving it so long next time!

  3. I haven't been to Corbridge for years, such a pretty place. I really need to re-visit soon x

    1. It's just mad how fast the weeks/months/years roll by!

  4. I absolutely love Corbridge - especially having a browse round RE. It's a habit of mine to do the book shop and then celebrate my purchases with a drink at the micro brewery (sometimes even with a cake from the bakery too if it's an especially good book...)

    1. It's so handy having the micro pub opposite the book shop, perfect for a post purchase celebration - I like your style!

  5. Literally pass this, well on the carrigeway I mean, so often, but never stop off. We really should some time it looks beautiful. :)


    1. YES! Next time you see the sign coming up you need to make some time to go an explore, it's the loveliest little place!

  6. Corbridge looks lovely!! :-) And the perfect place for a wander. I'm with you on the fantasy homes thing... I know if we visited, we'd be straight on rightmove when we got back home :-) Ha. I'd love to live in a little village like this.


    1. I lose so many hours of my life on Right Move!


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