Friday 17 May 2019

Sunday Lunch at Bradley Gardens, Wylam

With the arrival of lighter days and gardens beginning to bloom with beautiful Spring flowers I thought it was about time we made a Sunday Lunch date at Bradley Gardens, it had been five years since my last visit and knowing that things have changed a little since my last trip (and that Simon had never been) we were long overdue a visit.

Sunday Lunch at Bradley Gardens, Wylam
If you're yet to visit Bradley Gardens then Spring is an ideal time to go as the walled gardens are beginning to come to life with brightly coloured flowers and as the weather continues to improve I'm already dreaming about long hot afternoons lounging about in the gardens, if you love food and Sunday wanders in pretty surroundings there really is no better place to go.

Sunday Lunch at Bradley Gardens
You'll find Bradley Gardens hidden down a little country lane in the Gateshead countryside, a tranquil oasis behind a beautiful red brick wall, stepping through the gates is a little bit like leaping into the pages of your favourite childhood book - I'm talking Mr McGregors meets the Secret Garden, it's a pretty special place.

Sunday Lunch - Bradley Gardens
If you're in the mood for a pre lunch mooch I recommend turning up a good 45 minutes early for a potter round the gardens, although not huge it's nice to have the time for a slow amble. Spring sees a lovely display of daffodils and a very fine collection of tulips in a rainbow of colours. There are a few benches dotted around the gardens so if you're lucky enough to visit on a sunny day it's a really lovely way to enjoy some peace and quiet in the sunshine.

Bradley Gardens
If gardens aren't really your thing there are also a couple of lovely shops at Bradley Gardens to stroll round. The gift shop and ladies clothes and accessories store is ideal if you need to pick up any presents and if you're after some inspiration for your home the homeware shop is stunning. Just be warned, you will leave wanting a new country style kitchen, it's impossible not to!

Bradley Gardens Wylam

Of course, strolling round gardens and planning your dream home is hungry work so it's a good job that the main event at Bradley Gardens is, of course, their food. Served in the Glass House Cafe, they rustle up breakfasts, delicious afternoon teas (you need to see their cakes) and also run seasonal supper clubs. But the one thing that I've been hearing endless great things about is their Sunday Lunch offering. We couldn't wait to finally try it for ourselves.

Bradley Gardens Wylam Cafe

Bradley Gardens Wylam Cafe

If you love eating alfresco in the warmer months (it always reminds me of being a holiday which is never a bad thing!) then Bradley Gardens have a really lovely outdoor dining space with plenty of tables and the chance to enjoy your food with some perfect garden views. You'll definitely find me out there in the Summer.

Bradley Gardens Wylam Glasshouse Cafe

For the colder months, however, The Glass House Cafe is the most beautiful place to dine, split into four cosy sections the large glass house is simply decorated with fresh daffodils on all the tables, really comfy chairs (yep you can buy them in the homeware shop so beware, you will be wanting to go home with them!) and beautiful marble topped tables. Sitting in what is effectively a giant green house is a little warm - perfect if you feel the cold like me, but if you're a normal human being remember to wear layers, you may get a little hot if you're bundled up in a jumper!

Bradley Gardens - Glasshouse Cafe

The Sunday Lunch has loads to offer and if you're not really fancying a full on Sunday Roast it's worth knowing that they also have Traditional Sandwiches as part of the menu, perfect for family members with a smaller appetite or fussier eaters.  Of course, we decided to go for the Full Monty!

I had no intention to go for a Starter but as soon as I heard what the Homemade Soup (£5.75) was that day I just had to try it - Pea, Pear and Watercress - how good does that sound? Sounds a little daft but when it appeared in front of me the first thing I noticed was what a beautiful shade of light green it was, I sat there for a good while just shouting at Simon "look at the colour" before I'd even dunked my spoon in.

It was thick and creamy, served piping hot with a big chunk of fresh squishy bread and wow it was so good. Simon had decided against a Starter and so had to sit there watching as I slowly slurped my way through the never ending bowl of soup going on and on about how amazing it was. When more soup turned up for the next door table I seriously considered swiping theirs and having a second helping.

Bradley Gardens - Glasshouse Cafe Soup

We were off to an amazing start and I was very excited about what was to come next. There were three traditional roast dinners to choose from on our visit as well as a fish and veggie option. I barely glanced at anything else on the menu - I was there for a proper Roast and nothing could tempt me away from that.

Simon opted for the Roast Sirloin Beef (£13.50) and I decided on Roast Chicken Breast (£12.50) which was served on the bone and came with dry cured bacon and field mushrooms. Both our meals came with Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Greens, Broccoli and giant Yorkshire Puddings.

Bradley Gardens - Sunday Roast

I had been quite jealous when Simon ordered the Roast Beef as I'd quite fancied that myself (don't ask why I can never bring myself to order the same!) but when it appeared I was quite glad I hadn't gone for it. There was a fair amount of fat to cut off the meat which didn't really leave him a lot of beef to enjoy and it wasn't served pink. I sampled a bit off his plate and it was really delicious, just not quite to my taste.

My Chicken on the other hand was fantastic! It was really succulent and swimming in a gorgeous gravy that I really wish I knew the secret of because I've never seen gravy like it. It was a rich almost orange colour and tasted so good with the meat. The roasties weren't the traditional kind that you find on  most roast dinners and the little spuds tasted so buttery all wrapped up in their jackets - delicious. I loved the addition of the mushroom which made the dish a little different to other roasts I've tried and there was so much food on my plate I couldn't quite finish it off.

Bradley Gardens - Sunday Lunch
By this point we were both full to bursting so decided to indulge in a little bit of people watching whilst deciding if we were going to be able to make room for dessert. I enjoyed a quick glance round at the other tables. Every single seat in the Glass House Cafe was taken - large family groups were catching up, couples were enjoying romantic lunches for two and the baby shower in the corner were setting up with cute little gift bags and bunting. There was a really lovely atmosphere and although the place was full it still had a really calming buzz around it.

Having tried the cakes at Bradley Gardens before I knew that we had to indulge in a dessert. The menu included desserts or, alternatively, we also had the option to take a look at the cake counter and go for one of those instead.

Simon opted for a dessert off the Sunday Lunch Menu - Soft Brown Sugar Meringue (£6.50) served with berries and thick cream. When it showed up we couldn't believe how huge it was and as he started attempting to demolish it we realised what a mammoth task it was. No matter how much he ate it seemed to never reduce in size, it was like a food eating challenge. The meringue was perfectly prepared - crispy on the outside, gooey in the middle and absolutely swimming in berries and cream. The perfect Sunday treat.

Bradley Gardens - Dessert

I had told myself I wasn't going to have dessert but as soon as I discovered there was a Dark Chocolate and Cherry Cake (£5.20) on the menu I knew I had to order it, cherries and chocolate are my weakness. I was so full that when the biggest slice of cake you've ever seen appeared in front of me I did wonder how on earth I was going to manage it. The portion size was huge! Thick layers of chocolate, delicious sponge and layers of cream and cherries, I'm going to be dreaming about that delicious cake for many weeks to come.

Bradley Gardens - Cake
Our first experience of Sunday Lunch at Bradley Gardens was really enjoyable - it was lovely eating in such a beautiful location and we were very impressed by the quality of the food and the generous portion sizes. We can't wait to go back!

Bradley Gardens Gateshead

What you need to know:
  • Bradley Gardens are open Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • There is a huge amount of free parking spaces with a large overflow carpark
  • No Dogs (except Guide Dogs) are permitted at Bradley Gardens 
Find Bradley Gardens at:

Sled Lane
NE41 8JH

01661 852 176


  1. That looks like such a beautiful place to have a wander and then a hearty Sunday lunch <3 I haven't had a proper roast in ages and I think it's about time, seeing as this weekend is looking to be a bit gloomy! xx

    1. Gloomy weather is absolutely perfect for a Sunday Roast!

  2. Looks lush - I don't think we've ever been here!

  3. I have never heard of here before but it looks and sounds lovely. Your meals look delicious x


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