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Katherine's Florists Newcastle - Bubbles and Blooms Flower Workshop

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I don't know about you but I am always on the look out for some kind of new and fun activity to put in my diary. I'm all about the challenges and, in an effort to keep life fun and interesting, I love to experience new things and gain some fresh skills in my spare time. So Katherine's Florists Bubbles and Blooms Flower Workshops are right up my street.

Katherine's Florists Newcastle - Bubbles and Blooms Flower Workshop

Those of you that know me will probably realise that flower arranging, or in fact doing anything that involves being creative with my hands, is a big challenge for me. I can't sew, paint or draw and often describe myself as a frustrated creative! As someone who loves to express herself through words and photographs I often daydream about having the talent to extend that into something a little more creative but don't often get the opportunity to "give it a go" in an environment I'm comfortable in.

Unfortunately not all of us were born with the creative gene and so when I first discovered Katherine's Florists flower classes I was delighted to find something I could really enjoy without worrying about whether or not I was actually any good at it.  You see the Bubbles and Blooms Flower Workshops are perfect for everyone - whether you're a bit of an amateur florist who loves arranging blooms at home or just love pretty flowers but don't have a clue what to do with them - the classes are simple to follow with no judgement or pressure ... and they're really good fun!

Katherine's Florists Newcastle - Bubbles and Blooms

Katherine's Florists run the Bubbles and Blooms every month, offering guests the chance to create their own floral masterpieces under the watchful eye of their in-house experts (oh and did I mention there's Prosecco involved too?)

After enjoying my first experience so much I decided to return for the August workshop and so booked myself in for the beautifully Summer appropriate "Here comes the Sunflowers hand-tie Workshop" - now that the sunshine has finally arrived who could resist an evening filled with happy sunflowers?

Katherine's Florists Newcastle - Bubbles and Blooms Workshop

Each class is limited to a small number, ensuring that you get plenty of opportunity to ask questions and have as much guidance as you need. It's the perfect place to develop your florist skills and hopefully make some new friends along the way. There were all kinds of lovely people in my class, from a couple of neighbours who loved flowers to the incredible lady trying wonderful new things as part of her battle with depression. Different things had brought us to the class but we all had one thing in common - our love of flowers (and fizz of course!).

Our class began with an introduction to Katherine's Florists sunflowers and a little chat about the meaning of the flower. It's incredible to think the emotions that we attach to flowers and giving your loved one a bunch can take on a great number of different messages depending on the bloom that you choose. Traditionally sunflowers represents adoration but I think to most of us we associate them with sunshine, their beautiful yellow colour being the perfect way to brighten up your mood.

Katherine's Florists Newcastle Sunflowers

Once introductions had been made and we'd had a bit of time to chat over our glasses of fizz, it was on to the important part of the evening, watching our expert florist create the hand-tie that we would soon be putting together ourselves. I'm not going to lie, when you first see a very talented florist creating a masterpiece in front of you your immediate reaction is "I cannot do that" but luckily there's plenty of help at hand and absolutely zero pressure.

Bubbles and Blooms Flower Workshop

The work stations in the flower shop has everything that you need to create your beautiful hand tie and I loved that we all had our own individual buckets of flowers and foliage to pick through to create our hand ties. Although we had seen how our expert had put together her arrangement we were all encouraged to pull together our display in whatever way we wanted. At the end of the day flower arranging is all about creativity and reflecting your own flair and personality.

Using my three sunflowers as my starting point I bound them tightly together before gathering a collection of green bells, ivy and bamboo to place round my creation to start giving it more of a "hand picked" effect. The beauty of a hand tie like this one is that there really was no wrong way of doing it and I really found myself enjoying putting together my creation.

Bubbles and Blooms Flower Workshop - Katherine's Florists Newcastle
The real beauty with the workshops at Katherine's is that you are encouraged to do as much of it yourself as you can (I will admit I'm a bit of a lazy quitter when I'm not good at things and if someone would let me I would literally stand back and let them do it all for me!) Of course, if you are completely stuck help is at hand, but the beauty of arranging flowers is that really there is no wrong or right when it comes to how your display looks!

The very best thing about Katherine's Florists Bubbles and Bloom Workshop?  You leave the shop with the most beautifully presented flower arrangement to proudly display in your home. Believe me there's no better feeling than informing guests to you house "I created that"

Sunflowers Katherine's Florists Newcastle

Whilst I may not be winning any floristry awards any time soon, the ladies at Katherine's always make me feel like I'm the QUEEN at flower arranging and I'm so thankful to them for their patience, skills and kindness.

If you're looking for a really fun way to spend the evening, the opportunity to meet some new likeminded people and perhaps push yourself a little out of your comfort zone, this is definitely the activity for you!

Sunflowers Workshop - Katherine's Florists Newcastle

What you need to know:
  • Katherine's Florists Bubbles & Blooms workshop costs £25.00 per person and includes expert tuition, a glass of Prosecco and the chance to create your very own display to take home and enjoy
  • Future Bubbles and Blooms Workshops are: 5 September - Harvest Festival Hand Tie, 3 October - Floral Pumpkin Workshop and 7 November - Festive Amaryllis Hand Tie
  • Workshops run the first Thursday of each month between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm at the Gosforth store 
  • To book call 0191 285 8213 or email
Find Katherines Florists at

59a High Street

0191 285 8213


  1. Love this, your arrangement is gorgeous! I can't wait to visit myself in September. It's such a nice activity to do with friends or even something to just book yourself onto for a pick-me-up. Melis x

    1. Ahhh thank you! I felt surprisingly comfortable putting it together!


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