Friday 16 August 2013

Beaches and Cream

It's so miserable and wet today I thought it'd be a good day to talk about ice-cream just to cheer everyone up.

We stumbled across Beaches and Cream a few months ago as we were ambling along the seafront from Whitley Bay to Tynemouth.  We'd decided that we'd treat ourselves to ice-cream as soon as we found somewhere that looked nice and we  discovered a little piece of heaven when we found Beaches and Cream ice-cream parlour in Cullercoats.  That day we had takeaway cones, but we were so impressed with the quality of the ice-cream that we made a mental note to return when we had more time for a proper sit down treat.

So  when our friends came to visit recently it seemed an ideal time to return and impress them  with the perfect goodies to follow an enthusiastic round of crazy golf.

Beaches and Cream is a delight, the outside is decorated with cute bunting with plenty of outside seating for those wanting to partake in some people watching - personally I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to sit there and miss out on the experience of eating in the gorgeous surroundings of the cafe itself.  Everything about it made me want to dance about with my camera in delight - the gorgeous little armchairs, quirky decorations and chandeliers are almost enough to distract you from the menu itself. 

I say almost because the ice-cream menu is fantastic.  It's not often you find somewhere that serves up interesting flavoured ice-creams packed with extra chocolatey goodies and fresh fruit.  I was lucky enough to be eating with three other people so got to sample four different sundaes and I can say that each one was divine.  I chose the banana spilt which was made extra special with the banana and ginger ice-cream that it came with.  I think Simon won best dessert of the day with his sundae of ice-cream with toffee, dime bar and mars bar .. wow!

Ice-cream isn't all that Beaches and Cream have to offer, they also have a lovely selection of cakes and tempting drinks and I couldn't help but dribble slightly over the afternoon tea that the folks next to us were tucking into.  Next time I will definitely be sampling some of that myself.

Unfortunately Beaches and Cream doesn't seem to have a website, or much in the way of a Facebook page, which is a shame because I'd love for you all to be able to have a little look at everything it has to offer.  I guess you'll just have to take my word for it and head down that way yourself ... enjoy

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