Monday 26 August 2013

Monday Smiles

I have always said that weekends should be three days long .. a day for having fun, a day for chilling out, putting your feet up and catching up on TV and magazines and then a day for boring chores - sounds like a perfect idea to me.   SO HURRAH THAT IT'S BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY  :) 

That said, we haven't really followed my perfect three day weekend formulae at all and as with most our weekends we've been running about like loons trying to do everything at once.

On Saturday we went to York to meet up with our friends, on Sunday one of my good friends was up in the North East visiting family so I introduced him to the best tapas in Newcastle, El Coto and then today we're off to the cinema for a double bill ...where has the weekend gone?

This week is going to be a bit of a shock to our systems, we go on holiday in two weeks and are both in desperate need of a detox to prepare us.  Whilst I have managed to keep my weight in check since moving to Newcastle, I did quit the gym a month after I arrived as I found it too hard to fit my exercise routine into my new life.   This means that whilst my weight has been maintained by power walking to and from work every day, my belly and upper arms are definitely not as trim as they were three months ago.  There's nothing like the thought of squeezing yourself into a swimming costume to give you a bit of a boot up the bum.  I also want to shed a few lbs so I don't have to work quite so hard to lose any holiday weight I'm inevitably going to gain.  So I went on my first run in what felt like forever this morning, I headed out with Simon on a route that he runs pretty regularly and it was bloomin hard work (he kept making me run up hills!), that said I did so much better than I thought I would and am feeling better for it.  We have stashed up on fruit to keep on our desks at work in the hope that we'll reach for apples and clementines rather than the office cakes.  Please wish us luck!

Anyone else become completely obsessed with boots recently?  Am loving all of the A/W things appearing in the shops and I seem to find myself drawn to the shoe department every time I go into a clothes shop.  I've fallen in love with a pair in New Look that I will be buying on pay day and since finding them I've also tried on several other pairs in different shops ... decisions, decisions!

The other big news of the week which I'm pretty excited about is that I've booked myself in for my first ever spray tan the day before my holiday!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!


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