Tuesday 3 September 2013

Monday Smiles

Welcome to my favourite month!  I love September.  Whilst it's the end of the Summer quite often we get a wonderful warm end to it (and it looks like this week will be no different), my favourite season is on the horizon and it's usually my holiday month. 

In 1 week and 2 days we are off to Rhodes and I'm so excited!  I've spent the last week or so drafting my packing list and on Wednesday evening  I plan to start trying on different outfits to see what clothes to take. 

My holiday prep has well and truly started and to get myself ready for my first ever fake tan I've been on the hunt for a good body scrub.  Everyone's addiction to Soap and Glory has somewhat confused me, when it first launched I had a good whiff of a couple of bottles of product in Boots and almost gagged on the sickly sweet smell, I didn't like it at all, thought that every bottle probably smelt the same and so Soap and Glory wasn't for me.  Having read a good review of the Breakfast Scrub recently I decided to return for a second go and am now here to declare that I was very wrong.  Whilst some of the scents are not to my taste there are plenty that are and I now have the very delicious smelling scrub along with a couple others to try.  I am officially in the club.

This weekend my friend Kate came up from Leeds to stay for the weekend.  She is the last of our Summer time visitors so I needed to make sure that Summer went out with a big smile.  We had a very enjoyable day in Tynemouth on Saturday followed by some fun (mostly involving eating) in Newcastle on Sunday.  I'm afraid the pre-holiday diet somewhat went out of the window this weekend.

Kate has recently returned from Japan so had a little bag full of goodies for me.  The things you can get out there are amazing.   I got some exciting flavour kitkats (including blueberry cheesecake and strawberry .. which are actually pink), some quirky colourful jewellery, cute sox and the most amazing tights featuring a glittery black cat!  I'll be wearing those on a day that I'm feeling brave and just hope that they fit my 5ft 7 in body.

I had a very quick look round the shops yesterday, I'm trying not to fully indulge in looking at any of the lovely new A/W goodies before holiday but I did purchase a new shirt and gorgeous £4 necklace from Primark and the boots that I've had my eye on.  I also made two exciting discoveries, my favourite fellow ginger Ariel is available to buy on Blu Ray TODAY and the Festive jumpers are back in Primark, yes folks that means that Christmas is going to start creeping up on us.

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