Thursday 22 August 2013

Primark Princess

My hairdressers is very close to Primark so whenever I'm due for a mop chop it's pretty inevitable that I will end up in my favourite bargain store on the hunt for something amazing.  This weekend was no different.  I was on the hunt for some shorts for holiday but as I was dashing about the store trying to look at everything very quickly before Simon realised I'd gone missing, this gorgeous £8.00 dress caught my eye.

I LOVE the colours, the blue and purple looks so good together and are beautiful for Autumn.   Whilst it might seem a bit early to be talking about Autumn, A/W 2013 has arrived in the shops and  I can't help but feel a little bit excited about Autumnal walks in the leaves.   This dress goes perfectly with the hat I bought from H&M last year, I have actually only worn it out once as I am always a little nervous about it getting wet, but now that I have this lovely dress I may have to take it out for a walk very soon.

I'm looking forward to having a proper look round Primark again as soon as I get some more time (and money!), they have a pretty amazing collection of boots that I really need to turn my attention to.



  1. I love Primark too :)
    Love that dress and hat x

  2. I love the dress xx and you look fab in the hat xxx

  3. I saw this dress in the newcastle store last weekend fell in love with it. If I wasn't pregnant I would have snapped it up. It looks perfect styled with that hat. X


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