Saturday 31 May 2014

Lunching Lady at Marco Pierre White

You may remember last week I wrote a post about how much I love Living Social.  I am constantly getting excited about the latest local deal and adding yet another to my bursting collection of vouchers.  So I was really happy when Living Social got in touch and asked me if I'd like to choose a deal to review and share with you all.

Being a fan, I'd already purchased a lot of the deals for the North East but as most of these are for cake or afternoon tea we decided it'd be nice to do something a bit different and go for a spot of lunch.   We were immediately drawn to the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill which offered a two course lunch with Prosecco for two people for £30.00.

MPW is attached to the Hotel Indigo close to the train station in Newcastle, I've had afternoon tea in the bar before but never been to the MPW restaurant.

Having spent Bank Holiday weekend apart, Simon and I decided to book Tuesday off work and use our voucher for a nice relaxing lunch and catch up.  There's something rather special about having lunch in a lovely restaurant when you should be at work.

From the moment we walked into MPW we were treated like important guests, our coats were taken off us, we were shown to our table and the waiters were so warm and attentive.  We were made to feel special which always makes for a really pleasant dining experience.

As I'm a huge fan of bread and don't often allow myself to overindulge on it at home we decided to add the bread basket to our deal for an extra £3.00.  I'm so glad that we did because the basket contained a very generous amount of warm bread and a pot of butter huge enough to allow me to spread each slice with a nice thick layer.   So good!

The Prosecco arrived at the same time and was a very welcome change to our usual boring drink order of diet coke!   I felt like a real "Lady that Lunches" sitting in such a lovely environment taking little sips of my bubbly.

We had three dishes to choose from for our main course and both went for the same - Chicken Risotto (apologies, I stupidly forgot to photograph the menu so I'm struggling to remember the proper names of the dishes).   It tasted absolutely amazing, the chicken was beautifully cooked and was sitting on a really rich risotto.   It was a very filling main course but we knew we had to keep a bit of room for dessert.

For dessert I chose a chocolate tart with mango sorbet and Simon had the panacotta with berries and brandy snap.   I was so happy with my choice. I've never tried chocolate and mango together before but it was a tasty combination.

We left the restaurant feeling very full but having had a lovely dining experience.   We will definitely be back and I have already had a little look at the Sunday Lunch menu.

Thanks so much to Living Social for treating us to such a lovely lunch.



  1. Wow, what an awesome deal to find! And it's good that regardless of you having a vouchers for somewhere you were treated no different. I sometimes find that places don't give you the care and attention they would other customers.
    I love it when you get warm bread and especially a more home made butter.. mmmm... my mouth is watering now!lol
    That chocolate tart looks absolutely amazing!

    Chloe, your posts never fail to make me


    1. They make me hungry too! I'm being super healthy this week and looking back at these pictures is making my tummy growl :(

  2. Yummy my favourite pastime food. What a great offer and the food look yummy, the chicken risotto looks really nice and in Bouillon sauce ooh. I would have struggled between the desserts, the tort looks lovely but I think I would have opted for Simon's choice. Lucy x

  3. The food looks delicious, I am going to check out Living Social in a bit! I've been wanting to tell you that I've loved your recent blogposts lately <3

  4. Yay somewhere I've actually been haha! Love MPW's. The tart looks amazing (even in my still-full-of-cake state). Love the dress too. Where from? Don't tell me.... :) x

    1. ... OH THE SHAME ... yes it's from Primark! I'm so predictable!

  5. i've seen MPW deals in London too, and now I'm even more tempted! it sounds like you had a great experience which is always important when dining out :) x

    1. I'm definitely going to go again! Shame I have such a large list of other restaurants to get round first!

  6. I have constant food envy when I visit your blog! Looks like a glorious lunch and yes, there's something wonderful and a little bit naughty about scoffing lunch for hours when you'd normally be at work.
    M x Life Outside London


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