Wednesday 4 March 2015

Frock Swap: Erica's Dress

Frock Swap has officially started and with it an exciting package from Erica.  A gorgeous pink and blue dress covered in a Japanese fan print.   You can see how Erica styled her dress here.

As soon as  I pulled the dress out of its packaging, I immediately thought two things 1. Summer and 2. Garden.  If I was the owner of this gorgeous frock I would definitely be making it my mission to wear it to a garden party or an outside wedding (preferably on a hot Summer's day).

The dress has straps rather than sleeves so I paired it with my lilac cropped cardigan I bought from Primark last year.  I actually have this cardigan in 4 different colours, they are the perfect thing to throw over your shoulders at a wedding.  I'm not a huge fan of my upper arms so it hides wobbly bingo wings whilst making any dress wedding appropriate.

As the skirt is a little short I definitely needed some killer heels so picked out my tan wedges from Dorothy Perkins.  These beauties have been sitting in a box on the top of my wardrobe for a while now. 

I love them, but when I put them on I'm always slightly worried I'll break my ankle.  I'm more of a flats girl so to me these heels seem mammoth.  I love how they looked with the dress though so I'm thinking these need to make an appearance next time I'm invited to a Summer wedding.

Please excuse the lack of nail polish on my toes.  I'm bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding in a few weeks time and am getting myself ready for a pedicure!

The low neckline meant I got to raid my ever growing stash of statement necklaces.  This one from Primark is one of my favourite purchases from last year and compliments the dress perfectly.  I am a bit of a matchy matchy person and I love how the colours match the dress.

Of course you can't go to a wedding without a clutch bag (I'm running with this wedding theme now!)  They're pretty useless at fitting in all of your essentials but they really are the perfect style bag for going somewhere a bit special. 

I've had this nude coloured clutch for years and it's my "go to" bag for weddings as it looks great with any dress.

I think I'd struggle to style this dress for the Winter months as the colours are so light but it would definitely be a welcome addition to my wardrobe for the Spring and Summer.  Unfortunately though it's not mine to keep and I'm packing it up to send it off to Donna.  I can't wait to see what she does with it and I hope she loves it as much as I did.
Let me know how you'd style Erica's Dress.


  1. You look great in this outfit! Lovely to see.
    Best wishes, Agnes

  2. For me it would be with Jeggings and a smart jacket with a great big bead necklace and chunky bangles

    You look ace x

  3. I have that cardigan AND those shoes - I'm such an inspiration!

  4. Oooh the dress really suits you! What a shame you're not keeping it!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  5. It looks like a completely different dress to the way Erica has styled it! I couldn't bring myself to wear a dress that sort so it would be over stonewash jeggings with sandals and a longer cardi. Fab idea for a post and it has helped you rediscover some items in your wardrobe too :D

  6. This is so pretty. I'm very much stuck in s rut of wearing jeans everyday so it's great to have some inspiration for the summer. Am also a big cardi fan so I'd def throw one on top... But likely to be bit less glamorous than you!

  7. Looking beautiful! I love this dress on you and that cardigan is lovely. Primark are awesome for basics. I actually have that necklace too. My friend got my it for my birthday last year. So pretty!

    Laura from xxx

  8. As others have suggested wear it with jeggings, leggings or thick woolly tights and a pair of ankle boots. Chunky jumper over the top so it looks like a skirt, or, if it's sleeveless rather than cap sleeved, a long sleeved t-shirt underneath is another casual look.

  9. cool idea, the dress is lovely!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  10. This dress looks really nice, suits you so much! :D xxx

  11. Came from Char's blood to see Erica and Donna and now here I am! Love this idea, you've all styled it so differently.
    For the winter this would look so cute with black tights and boots and a long sleeve t underneath and a caddy with belt over the top - it's all about the layers :)


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