Monday 23 March 2015

Spring Wish List: F&F

Whenever a new season approaches I find myself lusting over the fresh stash of clothes that hit the rails on the high street. Spring is always one of my favourite seasons as I can suddenly think about leaving my coat at home and inject a little colour back into my wardrobe.

This year I've attempted to keep my feet and purse firmly out of the shops so I wouldn't experience the inevitable new season lusting. Saving for a house deposit means restocking your wardrobe is pretty low priority. 
I thought I was playing things pretty safe until I happened to innocently stroll round F&F during a weekly Tesco shop. Oooops! 

Spring has arrived at F&F and now my head is full of floral prints, 70s styling and brightly coloured shoes. Send help!

The first item that caught my eye were these gorgeous "Floral Sateen Trousers".  I bought two similar style pairs last year and they are such a great fit.  When I spotted these I knew I wouldn't be able to resist.  I grabbed a pair and charged round Tesco to find Simon and put them in our trolley, telling him he could buy me them for my birthday.  A little cheeky, but I really couldn't leave them behind!   They are so perfect for early Spring - beautiful colours yet warm enough to protect me from the chilly wind.

Unfortunately that is the only purchase I've made, everything else is very much on my large F&F Spring wish list.  I've got into a silly habit of visiting all the clothes I want every time we're in the supermarket to do the weekly shop.

Keeping with the floral theme, F&F have an amazing amount of gorgeous dresses on their website.   I daren't look properly as the temptation will be too much!

A dress that I spotted in store and loved is this Daisy Print Dress

Of course no Spring outfit would be complete without some colourful shoes, and I can't help but love these purple "Patent High Heels" - if there's ever a time to get away with some bold bright shoes it's definitely Spring!

As I'm always a little chilly I'm very fond of cardigans in the Spring time and this "Lace Back Cardigan" caught my eye immediately.  It's a gorgeous daffodil shade and has a lace back which I adore.

Brace yourselves, I'm saving my biggest lust item for last!

F&F has a great "70s Revival" section on their website, and whilst I'm not completely embracing the look I will admit I've found myself drawn to flares and paisley print.

I was lead astray by the temptation of the "Indigo Wash Flared Jeans" and found myself with them in the changing rooms.

They were the most flattering jeans I have ever tried on.  They are such a gorgeous fit and are made of super soft material that is so lovely to wear.

It absolutely pained me to have put them back on the rail and if you aren't sure about being able to pull off flares I urge you to head to F&F and give these a try!

I could have actually sat here for hours telling you about all the things I'd love to buy from F&F, the list does go on!  But I'd best leave it there!

Please do let me know if you bag yourself any Spring time bargains from F&F .. come on!  Make me jealous!


  1. Oh I could be tempted with some flared jeans for Spring! Makes a change from jeggings! xx

  2. I love the F&F spring range - I actually think all of the supermarkets have done really well with their spring ranges, after spotting some really lovely pieces in Sainsburys. There is something about spring which just makes you want to inject your wardrobe with new floral and colourful pieces!


  3. Trying to resist buying clothes is difficult. I really like the flowery trousers and yellow cardigan perfect for spring/summer Lucy x


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