Wednesday 1 April 2015

Cheans: for the Fashion Forward Man!

Lucky Simon gets to be ahead of the fashion pack thanks to my love of blogging. With such an active presence on social media and reading so many blogs I can't help but sit up and take notice when something new comes along in men's fashion.

The latest "must have" that's caught my interest are "Cheans", an exciting new concept from Men's fashion site Jacamo.

In recent years we've seen many of our favourite things meshed together into one product of awesomeness.   I'm pretty sure that Cheans are going to be this year's Cronuts!

The concept of Cheans is that they provide two looks in one trouser.  The front are "Chinos"(made from soft material and great for a casual look) and the back are "Jeans" (providing a more structured look)

It's the perfect idea for men who are little indecisive about what to wear in the mornings.   I love that if you're bored of one look you can turn the other way and look completely different!

The Cheans come in Tobacco/Stonewash which provides limitless ways to style.  I love an outfit that clashes colours and material and this is a great way for men to have a little more fun with their fashion.

Simon is fully embracing the Cheans and can't wait to get his hands on a pair.

You can order a pair of Cheans for £25.00 from Jacamo (and there's even a fun gallery of celebs embracing the trend!)

Will you be ordering some cheans?
APRIL FOOLS!  This post was written in collaboration with Jacamo.


  1. They are awful! The man in the photo looks like he's wearing cowboy chaps! Not a look I think Chris will be embracing but the concept made me laugh!

    Kay xx

  2. oh i have to agree with kayleigh lol, i would never allow my husband nor my kids to wear these lol x

  3. Hmmm.....hmmmm! Even that guy doesn't look like he's taking them seriously!
    Rather random but each to their own eh?
    M x

  4. Not too keen on them i have to say!x
    Jess x

  5. I think Cheans is a most favorite brand all male,because it's shoes colours very beautiful and when wear it's feel comfortable.


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