Wednesday 15 April 2015

Day by Prints

As soon as Spring hits and the sun reappears I find that my senses suddenly heighten as my eyes re open and notice all of the beautiful things around me.

For me Spring is all about bright, colourful and fun prints.  They make me happy and look forward to the promise of longer days filled with sun.

So when Bonmarche set me a challenge of creating a little photo diary of inspiring prints, I was pretty enthusiastic to get started. 

I've been out and about with my iPhone camera over the weekend capturing some prints that I've found inspiring.

08.00 As the owner of a drawer full of stupidly colourful socks I'm inspired by prints from the moment I get dressed in the morning.  There's nothing better than getting dressed in sensible grownup office clothes but being able to sneak a pair of printed socks on underneath your trousers.  My favourite are these - polka dots just make me think of fun!

09.00 Its a little cold and cloudy outside but I'm determined to cheer up my day by wearing a Spring inspired print. This gorgeous flower print dress with it's pinks and yellows is perfect for brightening up the day.

11.00 We're off house hunting!   I love looking round show homes, they're always done up so beautifully.  The printed wallpaper in this lounge was beautiful and really made me think of Spring with the blues and yellows.  I think I'm already imagining our new home will be made up of similar colours.

14.00 After the exhausting house hunting we need cake so we head off to the seaside for cupcakes. Served on cute mosaic print china, the plates make us smile as much as the cake. 

16:00 Returning home we find a late birthday package from my friend.   Thoughtfully she's sent me a hamper of treats so I can create my own afternoon tea at home.  I was immediately drawn to these vibrant napkins.  Floral prints always make me feel happy.

20:00 I quite often find myself wanting to sit down at the end of the day and write notes in my blogging notebook. I love a colourful butterfly print, and for some reason the pattern motivates me to write more.

If that's not enough beautiful prints for you Bonmarche have their own lovely "Pretty in Prints" collection, I absolutely love the tribal pattern on their maxi dress.

Have you been inspired by prints this Spring?

This post was written in collaboration with Bonmarche



  1. I love the flower print dress on you!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  2. This is such a clever post! love those bright napkins!! xx

  3. Gorgeous prints - I guess there are beautiful patterns all around us all of the time but it's not until we open our eyes and take notice that we really appreciate them. My favourite pattern from this post is most definitely the wallpaper - I would buy that house on that alone! LOL

  4. Ooh I have those napkins! Really enjoyed this post full of pretty colours. Definitely evocative of spring.

  5. I love how the house matches perfectly your clothes. Are you sure this is not the house? The cherry and walnut cake sounds yummy Lucy x


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