Monday 21 March 2016

Enjoying Easter Weekend in the North East

Welcome back to my monthly guides to the North East. If you missed my previous guides, then make sure you check out "The Most Romantic Dates in the North East" and "The Best Afternoon Teas in Newcastle"

For my March guide there was only one thing I wanted to talk about, Easter!  

Easter is one of my favourite holidays of the year, not only do most of us get to enjoy a lovely long weekend but we also see the arrival of lighter days whilst eating our body weight in chocolate.

I have always celebrated my Easter Weekend properly by filling it full of traditions that guarantee to get me in the mood.  So this year I thought I'd share with you how to have the perfect Easter Weekend here in the North East.


Of course I can't talk about Easter weekend without mentioning chocolate, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's already filled their belly with Mini Eggs, Malteaster Bunnies and Creme Eggs.   

As much as I love all of these goodies it's fun to put a little local spin on things by enjoying chocolate treats that have been produced right here in the North East.

A visit to Tynemouth is great any time of year but Easter Weekend is an ideal time to visit Gareth James Chocolatier who'll have luxury large filled eggs on sale (I have my eye on the 70% Dark Chocolate Egg filled with Sea Salted Caramels!) and cute Easter hampers that will make the perfect Easter gift.


I am obsessed with Spring flowers and Daffodils are by far my favourite.  They're a very welcome burst of sunny colour after months of dark Winter weather and as soon as I see them popping up I can't help but smile.

Easter Weekend is a great time to go Daffodil spotting, especially if it involves putting on your wellies and stomping about in the mud with your loved ones.  

Being pretty new to the North East I'd love your recommendations of the best places to see Daffodils but having asked my followers on Twitter a lot of votes went to Warkworth Castle in Northumberland which becomes a sea of yellow over Easter with the most beautiful Daffodils scattered across the grassy hill underneath the castle.


When I lived in Norfolk it was a tradition to travel to a farm to enjoy Lambing Weekend.  If you're lucky you can spend a beautiful sunny day over Easter watching lambs being born and believe me it's a fantastic way to enjoy the weekend.

My recommendation for Easter Weekend in the North East is to head to Wallington Hall where you can take a short tractor trailer ride to Broomhouse Farm to enjoy an up close and personal experience of lambing on a working farm.  Tour the lambing shed, visit the lamb hospital, bottle feed the lambs and if you're really lucky you may get to see one being born.  The event runs Good Friday to Easter Sunday and costs £6 for adults and £5 for children.  Make sure you book in advance.

Photo by Rachel Kershaw from

.. and that's it!  Your ingredients for a perfect Easter Weekend really is that simple - Chocolate, Daffodils and Lambs!

I'm off into a corner for a little sulk now as I'm away Easter Weekend so won't be able to enjoy any of these activities this year (and I REALLY want to go to Broomhouse Farm!)

Let me know if you have any ways you love to enjoy Easter and if you have any recommendations of your own.


  1. Baby Animals!! It's my most favourite thing about Easter and spring in general, no Easter holidays would be complete without a trip to a farm or animal park.

    1. I've really missed out this year! Next Easter I'm blocking out my diary so I can do everything on my list!

  2. Hmmmmm I would add mini eggs into the mix too I think and I always like to bake an Easter cake :D

    1. YES! Don't you worry we have plenty of those too!

  3. Snap - Easter is a favourite for me too. I love daffodils and tulips, It's 50/50 between hot cross buns and chocolate as I love both and I had to stop myself from making a Simnel cake as it's a temptation too far just before my hols! Hope you get to see some lambs :)

    1. Have you tried the M&S hot cross buns? We've had the chocolate and toffee ones .. so good!


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