Thursday 31 March 2016

March Days

Hurray Spring is here, and I'm on a 6 month countdown to my wedding.  Something tells me the time's going to fly by now.  It's been yet another busy month over on my Instagram - here's what we've been up to.

Meet and Treat

If you didn't already know I write for Wow 247 Newcastle, which I love.  It's a lot of hard work and requires a fair bit of research but I'm not really grumbling about that when I have the perfect excuse to try new places.  This month we discovered  Meet and Treat whilst I was writing a piece on new cafes in Newcastle.  Hidden away near China Town it's a great little place for a coffee and does lovely food.

Mother's Day

I didn't see my Mum for Mother's Day this year but instead we had a really lovely weekend in the North West taking Simon's Mum out for the day to Tatton Park (you can read all about it here).  I did share this photo of me and Mum from back in the 80s to celebrate the day.  I absolutely love it.

Transformation Tuesday
Once a month on Instagram I take part in "Transformation Tuesday" posting a before and after photo of my weight loss.  The photo on the left was taken in Amsterdam in May 2011, a few months after my 30th birthday.  If you've read my weight loss story then you'll know that it was my 30th birthday that made me realise I needed to do something.  A month after my trip to Amsterdam I finally joined Weight Watchers.  I loved Amsterdam but I do remember being very uncomfortable with painful feet from all the walking.  My poor feet were really suffering carrying all of my extra weight.   The after photo was taken in October 2012 at my friends wedding.  Simon and I had been together for about 5 months and I danced the night away in my heels with pain free feet!

Long Play Café

We finally ticked another place off our epic food list this month when we made it to Long Play Café on the Quayside.  It's the perfect place to get brunch at the weekend with a fantastic menu of cooked breakfasts, stotties and pancakes.  I went for the LPC Breakfast and we had a lovely morning listening to all of the tunes being played on the record player.

Shirt Obsession

I really don't buy that many clothes nowadays.  I think I'm getting fussy in my old age as every time I go shopping I really struggle to find anything that I love and it seems pointless buying clothes for the sake of it.   This shirt was a recent Primark find and I'm obsessed.  It's stylish yet really comfortable and baggy (perfect for overeating at weekends!)

A trip to Northern Goldsmiths

We were very excited to head into the iconic Northern Goldsmiths store in Newcastle this month to pick up our wedding rings.  It all seems so real now and seeing my future husband trying on his ring gave me a tummy full of butterflies.  Unfortunately when it was my turn to try on my ring things were a little less romantic.  I managed to get my wedding ring completely wedged onto my finger.  A combination of being hot from shopping and frustration meant it took a good 5 minutes for me to get it off.  Let's hope we don't have problems on the big day!

Spa Life

This month Simon and I took a much needed day off for some rest and relaxation at the Garage Spa in County Durham.  It's somewhere I've been wanting to visit for the longest time and we had a fantastic time, if you want to read all about our experience I did a blog all about it earlier in the week (here).   I was pretty impressed by how well I co-ordinated my outfit with my spa bag a complete happy accident!

Wedding Celebrations

Our friends got married last weekend and we had a lovely time down in Milton Keynes celebrating with them.  The Groom passed on the baton to Simon at the end of the night after a particularly enthusiastic session on the dance floor, but we do actually have one more wedding to go to before our own. I had some really lovely comments on Instagram about my dress,  I decided to treat myself to something new and this gorgeous mint green princess dress is from Chi Chi London, such a great place to get wedding guest outfits.

Easter Treats

We were away this Easter Weekend which was probably a good thing as we were away from the temptation of overindulging in too much chocolate.  Perhaps we're a bit mad but we started our pre-wedding health and fitness routine just before Easter, definitely more difficult when you have a cupboard full of Easter chocolate to get through.

For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you're following me on Instagram, I post a new photo every day!



  1. I love your wedding guest outfit - such a gorgeous dress! It is getting onto the countdown now for you too - super exciting!

  2. What a fab month you've had! You look bloody gorgeous in that dress :) x
    Sophie Cliff

  3. I love love love that dress, and I've been searchnig for ages for one to wear to Adam's Dad's wedding, so when they release the navy one in April, I might just splurge and buy it! Alice xx

  4. Looks like a lovely March - we get married in August and I just ordered my wedding ring as well! Exciting times :-)
    JH |

  5. Your dress looks gorgeous! Seeing the daffodils has reminded me that I was going to buy myself a bunch, I love how bright they are. Being healthy around Easter is hard isn't it, I've had to put my eggs up in the loft, looking forward to having them at the end of May! Ami x

  6. Lovely pictures and round-up Chloe. :)
    You wedding guest outfit was gorgeous.. so pretty! I actually think I'll cry into my Macbook when I see you in a wedding dress..


  7. You look absolutely gorgeous in the mint green dress, and in the one from 2012 - I'm definitely going to look to you for wedding guest dress shopping inspiration! I can't believe your wedding is so close now, how exciting!! x


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