Saturday 30 April 2016

April Days

Another busy month for us and my Instagram is so full of pictures that I found it difficult to pick out which ones to share in my little roundup!

Here are just a few things that didn't make the blog this month!

Kate Spade

I have always lusted after a designer handbag but have never had enough pennies to make a purchase (one day!) So when my friend told me she was off to New York it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to finally dip my toe into the world of designer.   I decided to go for a Kate Spade as I love her use of fun colour and girly style.  I chose the Cedar Street Lacey Wallet in this gorgeous mint green colour.  It's love!

I love sushi!

I have blogging to thank for many wonderful things in my life, but perhaps the most surprising is a new found adoration for things I used to dislike - namely Prosecco and Sushi!  I think my love for Sushi happened at an event I was at that was catered by Sohe in Jesmond, their Sushi is SO good and there began my love affair.  We went on a road trip to the North West this month and picked up these goodies from Tescos.   We have a double date planned at Japanese restaurant Osaka next week with Sam and Steve - I can't wait!

New Dress

Remember my "March Days" post last month when I decided to treat myself to a new dress from Chi Chi London?  Well, it may have happened again!  This beauty is called "Amber" (I promise that's the name of the dress, I don't go around just naming my clothes for fun!)  I'm planning on saving it for my friends wedding in September.

A Cheeky McDonalds Breakfast

What is it about road trips that make us eat naughty stuff?  Simon and I have been down in Manchester this month at his nephew's Christening and on the way home we somehow talked ourselves into popping into McDonalds for a cheeky breakfast.  The inspiration for this photo was taken from Little Miss Katy who has an amazing Instagram account - make sure you check her out.  The white tables in McDonalds are perfect for flat lays for Instagram, I honestly think this could become a thing.

My Skin Care Routine

People are pretty shocked to discover that I've never had a skin care routine.  I wash my face in the shower and then tend to slather it in whatever cream I can find whilst I'm getting ready.  Quite often it's some kind of body butter rather than a face cream.  After attending a bloggers event at the Clarins Counter in Fenwick I realised that with the wedding only 5 months away, it might be a good idea to find a better routine, especially as my face has been feeling particularly dry recently.  I got some great recommendations and now I'm very proud to say that I cleanse, exfoliate, use oils and have invested in some proper face creams.  Am I finally a grownup?!

Huge Scones

When we road trip to Manchester I always have a one track mind.  Cake in Bents!  Call me old but I love spending time in the garden centre and their cakes are epic.  I usually end up getting the same each time - a scone packed with jam and cream.  It's probably a good job we live so far away, it'd be a bit dangerous if we were able to pop in every weekend.

But First, Coffee

I found myself in desperate need of some more lightweight jumpers this month to tackle the ever changing weather.  I found this one in Primark and I love it!  It was only £5.00 and there are a few more slogan tops that I have my eye on too - watch this space.

Snapchat Obsession

For a while now I've been thinking about dipping my toe into the wonderful world of vlogging.  Whilst the North East is full of bloggers there's very few making lifestyle videos and I'd love to give it a go. For now I'm posting daily videos on Snapchat, just as a test run really to see if I enjoy it. So if you want to follow my adventures in the Toon make sure you find me at "newgirlintoon" and add me. If, like me, a few weeks ago you have no idea how to use Snapchat I recommend finding some tutorials on Google, once I'd discovered how it worked I quickly became hooked!

Breakfast at Deli Espresso

We tried out the breakfast at Deli Espresso in Gosforth this month.  You may be thinking that eating a full cooked English breakfast isn't healthy but this fry up was actually grilled, making it far healthier than a breakfast covered in grease.  Deli Espresso is tiny but it's well worth the effort to get a seat, the food is delicious.

Transformation Tuesday

What would a monthly update be without a Transformation Tuesday photo?  The first picture was taken when I was at my largest (around 19.7 stone and a size 20) and the second photo was taken about a year after I lost 9 stone to get to my goal weight.  Next month is my 4th year anniversary of getting to goal and I have a rather special blog to share with you so keep your eye out for that.

For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you're following me on Instagram, I post a new photo every day!


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  2. I have that exact wallet in bright pink and I love it! It's the perfect size for stowing everything.

    And congrats on your weight loss anniversary what an incredible accomplishment. I'm in the midst of my weight loss journey now and hope I can look back on comparison pics one day soon!

  3. Amazing dress, it's so bold! We always go overboard with food on road trips but it helps pass the time. The scone from Bents looks amazing, if you want a garden centre a little closer to home though with clotted cream scones you should go to Wveydale Garden centre in Gosforth (it'll always be Peter Barratts to me!)

    I use Clarins cleanser and toner too but we usually stock up on it at the airport as you get double the amount for the same price as in the shops so if you ever need an excuse for a holiday...

    I love reading monthly round up posts as I like seeing what everyone's been up to!
    Ami x

  4. I'm all about the prosecco and sushi :)

  5. Yay to joining the world of Kate Spade 😊 i love the dress too, have been looking at some Chi Chi numbers for someone else's wedding in September 😜 xx

  6. Yay to joining the world of Kate Spade 😊 i love the dress too, have been looking at some Chi Chi numbers for someone else's wedding in September 😜 xx

  7. Okay now I want everything in this post, from the dress, the purse to that chuffing sexy looking scone. Rich was reading over my shoulder and he made me stop and scroll back to get another look at it, it is that good looking. Sushi is so yummy, I can't believe there was ever a time you didn't like it!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

    PS - I've mentioned you in my post about 8 Blogs to Follow if you want to be nosy about what I've written! x

  8. Fristly, WOW congrats on your amazing weight loss! I'm so impressed and you look incredible. I LOVE sushi and I actually eat the very same telco ones you have posted nearly every day at work as part of my lunch! They are delicious. I adore Kate Spade and that mint green ours is beautiful. I have been looking for a new purse so might actually consider a kate spade one...

    Sarah xxx

  9. Totally jealous over your Kate Spade! I would like so badly! :(
    Your snapchats make me giggle. Think you'd be great with vlogging! :)


  10. Love that dress! Might have to get it myself for a wedding I'm going to in September :) And the Primark top looks awesome too!

  11. Hang that scone with double cream rather than clotted?!!?! What is the North playing at! ;) I do share your love of sushi and that dress! Beautiful photos! Alice xx

  12. Your transformation is incredible - you look amazing! Love the Kate Spade purse too, beautiful colour x

    Under Blue Lights


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