Friday 15 April 2016

Gusto, Newcastle - The Spring Summer Menu

Spring at last!  For me the arrival of Spring doesn't just mean warmer days and brighter evenings - it also means that some of my favourite restaurants launch new dishes, giving me a great excuse to adventure round the city stuffing my face with far too much food.

It was only a matter of time before I started working my way round Newcastle trying out all of the new menus for Spring/Summer and first on my list was one of my favourites, Gusto on the Newcastle Quayside.  I made a plan with my friend Sam and we settled in for a night of delicious food and juicy gossip.

I was determined to try something new so I studied the menu, picking out all of the changes (you know you go somewhere too much when you can instantly spot everything new on the menu!) 

Believe me, it was hard telling myself I wasn't allowed my usual (the Gusto Burger) but it was exciting to think that I might find a new favourite for Spring.

Important business first, deciding on drinks.  I don't know about you but at the first sign of sunshine you can usually find me buried in a cocktail menu.  I love something with a bit of fruit and fizz to toast the arrival of Spring.

It's hard picking a drink from the Gusto cocktail list cos there's just too much choice.  I usually ask for help as the waiters are always spot on with their recommendations.  This time, after a little bit of advice, I decided to go for the Grape and Cherry Spritz and Sam opted for the Strawberry and Vanilla Martini.  I loved that the bottom of my glass was full of fresh grapes, it was so refreshing and I was quick to count them as part of my five a day!

There are a few additions to the Starter menu for Spring, each one promising some exciting new flavours.  I opted for the Cold Smoked Salmon with Spiced Avocado, Red Pepper Puree and Capers.  Like a lot of people I'm pretty obsessed with Avocado at the moment and this was the perfect start to my meal, really light yet packed with flavour. 

Sam ordered the Asparagus Spears with Dolcelatte Mayonnaise and Roasted Red Peppers.  Unfortunately I was too focussed on my own food at the time and completely missed the opportunity to dip my finger into her Dolcelatte Mayonnaise which looked (and apparently tasted) amazing!  What a waste! 

With both plates wiped clean it was time for the main event.

Amazingly I managed to resist ordering the Gusto Burger and instead went for a new addition to the menu, the Smoked Haddock Risotto with Baby Spinach, Peas and Poached Egg.   The Gusto Burger was soon forgotten as I tucked in, it was so good.

One thing I love to see on a Summer menu is plenty of lighter options.  As Sam is currently on a mission to live a healthier life she decided to order the new addition to the salad menu.   The Smoked Duck Salad with shaved fennel, orange and radish looked so good. 

If you're anything like me you're probably thinking who on earth would want to order salad in a restaurant but believe me the salads at Gusto are far from boring, they're packed with so many flavours and always really generous and filling.

There are also a few new sides on the menu and I'm seriously regretting not ordering some Polenta Chips to share, what was I thinking?  Someone please go and try them out and give me a full report!

I will admit I cheated a little when it came to dessert and ordered an old favourite, although in my defence it has had a bit of a Summer makeover.   The Chocolate Mousse was just as delicious as ever and I really loved the new addition of the Shortbread and Orange Chantilly.

Sam went for the ultimate Summer dessert, Summer Berry and Prosecco Jelly with tropical fruit salsa and Eton Mess ice-cream.  Literally Summer on a plate, I definitely have my eye on this for next time.

My first taste of Spring was a very happy one and I think it's safe to say that if anyone's looking for me over the next few months I'll be in Gusto, working my way through the rest of the new menu.


  1. Even though I keep hearing such great things about Gusto I am still yet to visit. I really will have to visit soon as every dish looks delicious , I love Spring menus as it is a sign summer is on the way xx

  2. I haven't been here yet but it definitely looks worth a visit. The dishes look gorgeous

  3. All of that looks delicous! Even though Spring is yet to hit the North West, I can still feel my tastebuds switching into salad mode! My waist line really appreciates it!

    Stephie xx

  4. Ohh looks so good! I've still not been to the one in London but I really need to get to!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. It all looks fab. Can't wait to head down.

  6. That said looks amazing, regardless of it being a salad.. The moose is a must and Prosecco jelly, well, I need some of that in my life! :)


  7. I love Gusto - although I haven't been in quite a while and by the look of it I need to make the effort to get there soon because that Risotto looks amazing!

    Emma |


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