Thursday 28 April 2016

Honeymoon Planning: Destination Europe

Our mini moon is planned and booked which means that we've now turned our attention to the big one, our 2017 Honeymoon.

When it came to planning our holiday of a lifetime we allowed ourselves to dream about whatever destination we fancied.  So it may come as a bit of a surprise to hear that we're turning our back on some of the more popular long distance Honeymoon destinations and have instead focussed our attention to Europe.

Although I've visited Belgium, France, Italy and Holland over the last few years these have all been trips with girlfriends and for the longest time I've been wanting to experience more of Europe with Simon.

Nothing beats the romance, history, people and culture of Europe.

Yelloh! Village are Europe's finest open air hotels with a choice of great camping experiences across Europe.  Perfect for a couple like us who love a bit of adventure on our holidays, camping in Europe is something that's definitely on our "must do" list for the future.

Yelloh Village! asked me to share my dreams for travelling Europe.  So here's a little wish list of places in Europe that I'd love to Honeymoon, let me know your favourites.


There's a bit of an embarrassing reason behind this one.  I am obsessed with the Sound of Music and have been since I was a little girl - so much so I used to make friends act out scenes from the film in the playground.  I'm desperate to do the Sound of Music tour and Austria looks like such a beautiful country to visit.


Ah, this is a bit more what you'd expect for a honeymoon wish list, somewhere warm and sunny with plenty of beaches.  I have heard so many great things about Santorini and it looks picture perfect, it's certainly crept up my wish list since direct flights from Newcastle got announced!


There's something so romantic about Switzerland and I imagine it to be a snow topped beauty where the air smells of sweet hot chocolate.  I'd love to say that I'd be up for some ski-ing but I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to any type of adventure sport so I think we'd probably give that a miss.


I can't believe I've never been to Spain!  When you consider the amount of time I spend eating tapas it seems kinda crazy.  Barcelona is somewhere that's been on my wish list for the longest time and is a definite contender for honeymoon destination.

Let me know if you've visited any of these places and if you'd recommend them.  I'd also love to hear your European wish list - is there anywhere else that I should add?

This post was written in collaboration with Yelloh! Village


  1. I've alway been obsessed with The Sound of Music and never visited Austria either :)

  2. Barcelona is a must (if not your Honeymoon then just a trip) Im a bit biased as my dad lives about 30mins from there, but there is sooo much culture. The dancing fountains are a must, as is the Gaudi Cathedral. I love the cable car ride up to Monjuic castle. Oh I could go on and on but they are my top 3 must visits. Im planning on doing a blog post this weekend, if you get chance pop over to get some ideas. xx

  3. I can't believe you've never done Spain either!! There is so much beauty in Europe, you don't have to go long haul to uncover something wonderful. Our cruise stops in Santorini so I'll let you know if it's worth it!
    M x

  4. I'm heading to Barcelona in a few weeks! Really looking forward to it! I really want to visit Germany, Copenhagen and Vienna as I've not been, but there are some amazing other places I'd like to go back to - Croatia being one of them! Alice xx

  5. Oh I love all of your suggestions. Europe is just so diverse! I would love to visit Sweden, Germany and Iceland in the next few years x

  6. Switzerland is amazing, I visited a small town near Geneva and it was so picturesque

  7. A friend of mine honeymooned in Italy and it looked absolutely stunning! I've never visited Santorini myself but everyone who I know who's been says it's like a postcard, definitely the prettiest of all the Greek Islands! Happy planning! X


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