Monday 14 November 2016

Hadrian's Tipi, Central Station Newcastle

Newcastle has well and truly embraced Christmas over the last week and the arrival of Hadrian's Tipi at Central Station has given me the green light to go Christmas crazy.

I'm sure you've all noticed the large tipi that's popped up outside Newcastle's train station and have maybe been wondering what on earth is going on.  Well allow me to introduce you to Hadrian's Tipi, the ultimate bar for Christmas.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the VIP preview night a day ahead of the Tipi's opening to the public to see what's going on inside Newcastle's largest festive pop-up.

Stepping foot inside the large tipi I was immediately transported to AD122 when the Roman Emperor Hadrian was travelling round the region.  Think wooden benches, furry throws and a massive fire pit - just what you need on a cold Winter's evening.

The place was buzzing with crowds of people enjoying their first look at the tipi. Luckily it's pretty huge inside and although the seats are limited it wasn't too difficult to find a corner to stand in. If you're going to visit and fancy a snuggly faux fur covered seat I'd aim to go during the day - something tells me Hadrian's Tipi is going to be packed out in the evenings and if you're anything like me you will get seat envy of all those with prime spots round the fire pit.

Decorated with beautiful lanterns and festive foliage, Hadrian's Tipi definitely gets you into the spirt of Christmas and with a programme of live entertainment planned for the weeks ahead it's a great starting point for Christmas celebrations.

Hadrians Tipi Central Station Newcastle Lanterns

 Of course, a large part of Christmas is the food and drink and Hadrian's Tipi will appeal to anyone who loves the kind of delicious treats you get at Christmas Markets.

Served from a fairy lit hut outside, you can expect a large selection of giant sausages imported from Germany as well as local meat treats from Northumberland, all cooked on a traditional charcoal swing grill.

If, like me, you're more into your sweet treats then there are also hot donuts with sugary dipping sauces on offer.

The bar is well stocked with Gluhwein, mulled cider as well as draught and bottled beers from the Wylam Brewery.  If you visit during the day you can indulge in bacon sandwiches and hot chocolate.

Hadrian's Tipi Central Station Newcastle Food

One thing that surprised me was how toasty it was in the tipi. Going in bundled up in a jumper and huge Winter coat it wasn't long before I was feeling a little too hot standing near the fire, so make sure you are dressed in layers when you visit. It gets pretty warm, especially when full to capacity.

Hadrian's Tipi is in Newcastle until New Years Day so there's plenty of time to make a plan with friends. Entry to the tipi is free of charge and it's open from 8:00 am to 1:00 am every day (apart from Christmas Day!)

Let me know what you think if you make it down.


  1. That looks super-cosy Chloe! I'll have to get along for a few drinks there over the festive season... looks ace!

  2. I just love the photo of us both in front of the fire. Ami will have to join us more often :D

  3. Such a lovely pic of you and Samantha! Hadrian's Tipi is a fab festive addition to the Toon, always makes the winter weather worth it!

  4. I wish I lived own a city around time son year like this. I love innovative ideas like this. :)
    It looks so cosy. I'll have all the doughnuts.. :p



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