Friday 4 November 2016

Mini Golf at Lane 7, Newcastle

Lane 7 have played host to many a night of competitive battles between me and Simon. Unfortunately all of them have lead to my defeat. I've frequently been thrashed at bowling, am embarrassingly bad at the Racing Rigg and I can't even keep up with him demolishing burgers! So when an e-mail popped up in my inbox inviting us to try out Mini Golf at Lane 7 I was happy to have another opportunity to try and win at something. We took along our good friend Katie as our official adjudicator and battle plans were made.

You may remember that Lane 7 had a pop up mini golf course in their basement last Summer. We didn't manage to put a plan into our diaries but judging by how popular it was on my Twitter and Facebook we definitely missed out! So we were very happy to learn that Mini Golf is back and it's even better than before.

You'll find the 9 hole course in the Basement of Lane 7 with a game costing from only £4 per person and no need to book in a advance, it's the perfect night out with your silliest friends.

 If you were lucky enough to check out the Mini Golf last year the main different you'll notice is that the new permanent Lane 7 Mini Golf course is played on faux grass meaning that you have more control over the balls (no more ready made excuse for being rubbish I'm afraid!).

The course is full of grassy loops, giant hills, tunnels and narrow bridges. You'll need a good eye and great ball control to finish as champion.

You'll also need to be open to making yourself loads of new pals. The course is pretty compact meaning that at times you  have to step over someones game to be able to access your own. We quite enjoyed this as it gave us loads of opportunity to stop and have a chat with our neighbours and if there's one thing we love in the north it's making friends.

So, how did I do?

Well I had a pretty good game and managed to do some of the most complicated holes in only two shots, this was of course down to amazing skill and had nothing to do with luck.

In fact our game was a pretty damn good one for the girls with Katie also showing off some pretty awesome Mini Golf skills and Simon getting frustrated when some of the holes defeated him (something that Katie and I both absolutely loved!)

I'm very happy to report that I won!

Yes, for the first time ever I managed to beat Simon at Mini Golf and boy was I smug about it!

I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before my husband demands a rematch but for the moment I'm positively buzzing at being the complete master of Mini Golf at Lane 7.

Mini Golf at Lane 7 is now open and the good news is that it's here to stay.

We had a complimentary game of Mini Golf at Lane 7 as part of their previews before official opening. We were not asked to write a blog, but how could we not - we loved it!


  1. I tried this the other night and it was great fun, love Lane 7!

  2. Haha I love mini golf but I've only played it occasionally, usually at random small seaside towns! Alice xx

  3. My husband and I love mini golf and if we go somewhere with a mini golf course we will play it (to the extent it has evolved into an ongoing 'international tournament'). This looks brilliant and I'll definitely be checking it out when I make it up to Newcastle!

  4. Ah Jake and I love mini golf! I think the last time we played was at Tynemouth about 4.5 years ago, so might have to try and get down to give this a go some time!


  5. Ahh this seriously looks like such a fun way to spend the evening. I have honestly never seen a mini golf place indoors but I absolutely love the idea!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. Can't believe KJO's choice of footwear! LOL! Well done on your win x


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