Wednesday 31 May 2017

May Days

I hope you've got a cup of tea because something tells me this is going to be a busy roundup! I've been such a busy bee this month, looking back through my Instagram I can't actually believe how much has happened in May.

Here's what didn't make the blog this month!

Ice-cream Sundays

Sundays are made for lounging about with your loved ones and we had the most fantastic lazy day when we crashed out on the lawn at Seaton Delaval Hall recently.  We had a little snooze in the sunshine after a particular enthusiastic game of catch (which left my finger bruised!) and our afternoon finished by joining the queue at Arrighi's ice-cream parlour for a Lemon and Ginger Sugar Cone. The best ice-creams are always worth queuing for!

A Cragside Fairytale

We finally made it to Cragside! After months of using our National Trust membership to visit Gibside and Wallington on a constant loop we finally adventured a tiny bit further north. As soon as we reached the drive we were both stunned by how beautiful the place is, I've been to a fair few National Trust estates in my time but this surely has to be the most beautiful! There are fourteen walks in total so I'm looking forward to getting them all done and having a proper explore.

Saying Goodbye

This month we said goodbye to Simon's Nana. She reached the amazing age of 94 although had been ill ever since I'd known her. It makes me so sad that I'll never truly meet the lady that Simon speaks so highly of but hearing the wonderful stories from the family helped to bring me slightly closer to knowing her. She loved adventure and food so something tells me we would have got on rather well. There were many tears but we gave her a wonderful send off followed by an afternoon in the White Lion in Wrightington which I think might be my favourite new pub (it has beach huts in the beer garden and a fantastic menu!).

Frapps in the Sun

Does anyone else crave naughty Frappuccinos from Starbucks every time the sun comes out? Last year I got completely hooked on the Java Chip Frapps, this month I've been working my way through the menu trying to decide what my favourite will be! Does anyone have any recommendations, or some great Starbucks menu hacks?

Mixing Cocktails at the Alchemist 

The Alchemist opened in Newcastle while we were on our Caribbean Honeymoon and I was a little sad that I missed the launch so I was thrilled when my friends Sam and Katie suggested a quick cocktail stop there during a recent night out. Although a little pricy, the dramatics of mixing your own drinks is too much fun to resist. I went for the "Colour Changing One" (£7.75) which I mixed myself from two chemistry flasks - it smoked and changed colour so I was pretty chuffed!

Fancy Fragrance at Fenwicks 

I was invited to a brilliant event at Fenwicks in Newcastle this month and got to "meet the experts" at their premium fragrance counters. As someone who doesn't have a signature scent I love to explore new perfumes on my hunt for "the one". I had a fantastic evening with Diptyque, Frederic Malle and Kilian and learnt so much from chatting to the lovely ladies at the counters. Next time your'e strolling through Fenwicks make sure you stop for a chat, they have some really interesting stories and the products are beautiful.

There's a Duck in my Cocktail?

I headed to Durham recently for a day out with the lovely Kayleigh and Lisa. Usually when I visit Durham I'm all about the cake but this time we actually decided to go for a cheeky drink in My House which has the quirkiest drinks menu in Durham.  I ordered the Bubble Bath Martini that came with rose and elderflower bubbles and a cute little rubber duck. I can't wait to go back and try some more of the menu.

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  1. So sorry for your loss in the family <3

    I also love Cragside - I haven't been for a good 15 years though which is laughable. When we can finally get a car again I can't wait to introduce Jake to it.

    May has been a busy one for you it seems! I hope June is good to you.

    Danielle xo

  2. OMG - I used to work at the White Lion in Wrightington when I lived at home! Bloody love that pub. Sorry that you were there under sad circumstances x
    Sophie Cliff

  3. I went for the same cocktail at the Alchemist, it was quite pricey for the size of it but it was nice. Did you get to take the rubber duck home from My House!?

    If you haven't been to Wynyard Gardens Bradley Gardens yet, I think you'd like them. They have nice cafes, food/gift shops and lots of flowers (obviously!)

    Ami x

  4. Sorry to hear about Simon's nan - hope you are both doing as well as expected.

    We are loving our National Trust membership too - just something about summer?

  5. Sorry to hear about the loss of Simons Nan, she sounds like she had plenty of stories that she could tell at the grand age of 94!

    I must take a visit up north at some point, cocktails with a duck in it is my kind of whimsy! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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