Friday 15 September 2017

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle

Moving to Newcastle has taught me a lot! The city that I barely knew before I arrived used to be somewhere so far north it seemed out of reach. The land of Cheryl Cole and Ant & Dec, where people greet each other with a "Wey Aye" and kids hang out at Byker Grove.

The reality of living in Newcastle is somewhat different to what I expected so today I thought I'd share with you 8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle

Always run under the Tyne Bridge

The Tyne Bridge is as pretty as a picture and just as spectacular in real life. The memory on my phone is constantly taken up with photos of the iconic landmark. But what you don't see in the photographs is all the birds that live under the Tyne Bridge! If you're going for a lazy stroll along the Newcastle Quayside make sure you break into a run as you pass under the Tyne Bridge or you will get covered in poo (it happens to me frequently!)

Geordies dress according to seasons not weather

Whilst I plan my wardrobe out according to what I see on the weather forecast, Geordies very much dress for the season. Therefore in the Summer they all wear shorts and sandals even if it's chilly and the rain is throwing down. Seeing a Geordie with soggy feet is completely normal in the Toon and I'll always look like a bit of a tourist in my waterproofs.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - Tyne Bridge
Stotties are the best

A stottie from Greggs is the best kind of sandwich to have and once you've had one nothing else will ever compare. Stotties are huge, soft and squidgy and are amazing dipped in gravy or filled with hot chips. I can now smell them from a mile away and they are my favourite kind of naughty treat.

Geordie is a whole new language

Whilst it seems funny that Americans couldn't understand Cheryl Cole on TV, believe me not understanding a Geordie is a very real thing. I've often found myself the only southerner in a group of slightly tipsy Geordies and once they're in full flow I can't understand a word anyone is saying! I dread to think what I've agreed to in the past just from nodding along in a conversation.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - River Tyne

It's always windy

One thing no one ever tells you about Newcastle is that it is always so windy!  Even on baking hot Summer days there'll be a good amount of wind and it's a good idea to make sure you're always wearing a long skirt and have your hair tied up or things will start to get messy!

Don't go to Toon on match days

Newcastle is a very passionate football city so it's pointless trying to get into Toon on a match day. The roads will be jammed, the pubs will be full and the city becomes a busy sea of black and white. Despite living in Newcastle for 4 years this is still a mistake I make and only last week I found myself stuck in a sea of people trying to get home.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - Monument

My favourite things were invented in the North East

Did you know that Ringtons Tea, Greggs and Fenwicks were all created in the North East? No one likes a show off but I think that's something to be pretty damn proud of!

Manchester is in the South!

My husband is from Manchester so I love to wind him up by telling him that Manchester isn't actually in the north.  When you've living all the way up in Newcastle most places seem pretty southern to us!

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - Tyne

I'd love to hear from any other Honorary Geordies - what things have you learned since living in Newcastle?

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