Sunday 24 September 2017

Our First Wedding Anniversary - Life as a Wife

Today is my first wedding anniversary!

Can you believe it!  A whole year of being a Mrs! I honestly don't know where the time has gone, it has completely flown by and it blows my mind to think that this time last year I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and start my new life as a wife.

Our First Wedding Anniversary - Life as a Wife

Although life isn't really too different to before, I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by sharing with you the small ways that my life has changed since becoming a Mrs.

I did ask Simon for his input for this post but when I asked him how he thinks life has changed since getting married he had a little think then replied that his waistline had got bigger (not sure what that says about being married to me!)

Here's a little insight into my first year of life as a Wife!

A New Name

Having a new name is weird!  Will I ever get used to it?  The last year my eyes have been opened to what it's like to have a name that no one can pronounce or spell and whilst at times it's frustrating perfecting a new signature (still not got it down!) I love having the same name with Simon.

A Northern Family

Gaining extra family has been one of the best things about getting married. Simon's family are everything I'd imagined a northern family to be - so warm and caring, really fun and very supportive. They welcomed me as one of their own from the moment we met and I honestly love them all so much. It makes me so happy that I now get to share them with Simon - they are some of my very favourite people. I feel very lucky to have my own northern family!

First Wedding Anniversary - Life as a Wife

Banking Fun

It's taken us a year but we've finally got round to setting up a joint bank account and are managing our finances in a much more sensible way than before. Gone are the days of juggling money between each other and we're now working together as a team with our finances.  It's lovely to finally have everything sitting in joint pots rather than leading separate lives. I can't believe how much money we were wasting before we started banking together!

Date Night

I don't think anyone could claim that marriage is easy, but we are both determined to make sure that we always spend lots of quality time together just having fun. Since getting wed we've made more effort to enjoy date nights and have loved booking spontaneous tables at our favourite restaurants, something we hardly ever did before getting married.

Wedding Anniversary - Life as a Wife

Crazy Days

I never thought it was possible but I think we've actually become even loopier than we were before.  We've always had our own stupid phrases and daft songs but for some reason since getting married they seem to have doubled - from silly games we play in the kitchen every evening to weird nicknames, it seems getting married has made us extra odd!

Wedding Anniversary - Life as Wife

.. and in a lot of ways nothing has changed at all! 

Did you discover that life changed when you got married? I'd love to know if anyone has anything to add to the list!

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