Wednesday 22 January 2014

A New Look Wish List

Why is it that whenever you have no money and are desperately trying to save there seems to be so much in the shops that needs to be in your wardrobe?   Last weekend  I went for a little mooch around New Look in Eldon Square .. bit of a mistake because I then ended up in the changing room, a dangerous place to be when you are on a spending ban.

So for now I have to amuse myself by compiling a wish list in the hope that it's just as fun as purchasing all of the pretty clothes!

This tartan swing dress is the first thing that caught my eye as I walked into the store.  I love swing dresses, they are perfect for my figure as they hide my tummy and are a very flattering fit.  This one is £17.99 and I love it.

I don't really need to explain this coat to anyone as we all know how pastel pink oversized coats are everywhere at the moment.   This one is £54.99 and despite visiting it on the rails three times whilst in the shop I didn't dare try it on in case it was love.  I did not want to be left with a broken heart!

I'm pretty sure if I came home with yet another blazer Simon would probably think I was mad.  One of the wardrobes in our bedroom is currently stuffed full of them but I love each and every one and the collection never seems to be complete.  They are perfect for the Spring and especially great for weddings where I always like to wear a pretty dress but inevitably end up feeling very cold in a marquee.  This one is £17.99 and would be great for a wedding!  We are going to a wedding in June and I will be needing something to match a dress that I'm planning on wearing so I'm looking forward to being able to hunt for something perfect then ... but shoooosh don't tell Simon!

Before I get all carried away talking about Summer weddings, we are in the middle of January and therefore mostly my head is still stuck in the Winter and practical warm clothing.  I've recently decided I'd quite like a black hat to match the coat I got for Christmas.   This one is great, and although only £3 in the sale, I still managed to resist.

And those were the things I spotted before I forced myself out of the shop!   Coming later in the week  ... an Oasis wish list! 
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