Wednesday 1 January 2014

Memories and Resolutions

I don't always like to make resolutions as you only get annoyed with yourself when you break them but this year I have been making a bit of a mental note in my head of a few things I'd like to do and before I knew it I had resolutions!

Here goes:

1. Try and write more regular messages to friends I don't get to see so often now that I've moved to the North - friends are so important and should never be taken for granted.

2. Start opening up the lovely cookbooks that we have been given over the years and start some cooking and baking. 

3. Take better control of our money so we can start thinking about buying our own house, even if it does mean having to say no to the things that we love.

4. Eat healthier and get my ass back to the gym!

5. Sort out my wardrobe and have a good tidy up - poor Simon has barely anywhere to put his clothes.

6. Start reading my way through the massive stacks on my bookshelf.

As the New Year begins I always like to have a little think about all that's happened, here are a just a few of my favourite memories from 2013:

I turned 32 in March and Simon bought me my beautiful Michael Kors which is the loveliest present I've ever been given.  We celebrated back in Norwich with my friends and family and went to my favourite Mexican, Pedros for birthday enchaladas.   The birthday will always stick in my memory as returning back to London on the Sunday I was greeted by a letter from my landlord giving me 2 months notice on my house in London which meant my move to the North East was suddenly happening much earlier than expected.

In May my cousin Tim got married at a beautiful service in Chichester Cathedral so Simon and I got to attend our very first family wedding together.   It was a really beautiful sunny day and we all got a bit silly with the homebrew wine.

May was also the month that I said goodbye to my life in London.  I had called the capital my home for five years and really enjoyed my time living amongst all of the wonderful theatres, shops and restaurants.  It was never my intention to live there forever, I had moved there from Norwich as a single girl in her 20s - I was worryingly obese, unhappy and desperate to change my life.  I was so sad to leave London and all of my friends but it was also a very happy time as I was leaving a changed girl starting a new adventure in a brand new city.  My leaving drinks were held in the city near my office and I had a wonderful turn out.

My move to Newcastle timed perfectly with mine and Simon's first anniversary and I surprised him with an overnight stay at Jesmond Dene House which was absolutely perfect.  We got upgraded to a suite and I'm pretty sure I'll never stay in a hotel as beautiful and comfortable.

I was very fortunate to have some of my friends come up to visit and I really enjoyed showing off my new home to them.  It was also lovely to suddenly be much closer to my friend Kate who lives in Leeds.  We've been friends for 12 years and this is the closest we've ever lived to each other. 

In September Simon and I went our first holiday together and we had a beautiful week in the hot sunshine sinking lots of cocktails.  I also got a tan for the first time in my life (yes I cheated) and I really enjoyed having a bit of healthy colour for once.
I was very fortunate that my first Summer in Newcastle was, like the rest of the country, sunny and warm.   It's been so great to finally be living in my favourite city and experiencing all of the things that I used to miss out on. 
In October my Grandma celebrated her 90th birthday, the whole family got together for the first time in over a decade for a lunch in Norwich.  She looks absolutely amazing and it's so great to see her doing so well.  
and that more or less brings us up to date with today!
I'm excited about what 2014 might bring, although I know that it will be challenging for us as we have to balance the need to save money for our future whilst still enjoying ourselves.


  1. Love this! Sounds like an awesome year.
    Hope you're enjoying Newcastle (even if it poured down today haha)
    Best wishes,
    Danielle x

  2. Loving it, I fell in love with this beautiful city the second I first stepped off the train, it's such a wonderful place to live :D Yeah I did go a bit stir crazy today with all the rain, was desperate to get out of the flat!


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