Saturday 11 January 2014

Sand Dancer

This Winter is all about saving the pennies.  This year we need to concentrate as much as we can on not spending too much so we can start thinking about buying our own house.  January and February is always an ideal time to stash as much cash as possible as the cold weather makes it the perfect time to hide away.  We've spent the last few weekends utilising our Unlimited cards in Cineworld but as the forecast for today was sunshine it seemed like a bit of a waste to sit indoors so we ventured out to the coastal town of South Shields.

I love Winter beach strolls when the tourists are all long gone and the only people out and about are locals and dog walkers.   Seeing miles and miles of open sands and wrapping up in your Winter coat for a brisk walk along the seafront is so good for the soul.

The weather was lovely with beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies.  Unfortunately that also meant that it was rather arctic and my outfit choice of a wool mini skirt was perhaps a little daft.  We had an enjoyably walk from the town centre down to the sea front and along the promenade to Trow Rocks where we had a short climb for some lovely views across the sea to Tynemouth. 

Unfortunately by this point our faces were frozen and my jaw was beginning to ache (possibly from the cold or maybe from too much talking ... you decide!)  So we cut our walk short and headed off to find some warmth. 

The first place we came across was the Sand Dancer Beach Bar which was warm and cosy with lovely window tables looking out to the sea.  We were very lucky to get ourselves some comfortable chairs by the fire and had milky hot chocolates whilst admiring all of the many dogs that were in the bar.   I think we may need to return soon to try out the food.

I leave you with a North  East fact that I've been taught today.  Everyone knows that the lovely folk of Newcastle are Geordies but since living here I've also discovered that those in Sunderland are named Mackems and today I was told the origins of the name of the beach bar.   People that come from South Shields are known as "Sand Dancers" ... so there we go!   Every day I'm learning more and more about my new home.



  1. Sand Dancer is one of my faves, do good food too! Great postt. x

    Bethanie |

  2. Ooooooooooh that's good to know! We had our homemade cheese sandwiches today to save money (although eating them whilst walking along the seafront was absolutely freezing!), we'll definitely be going back to try out the grub :D

  3. I used to love the sand dancer. I haven't been for a couple of years but the food used to be delicious. X

  4. I was trying to find a menu to look at cos I always have to do that when I walk into somewhere (and obviously look at the desserts first) but unfortunately I couldn't find one :( Oh well, a good excuse to go back!

  5. Looks like a gorgeous place to go for a nice walk.

    1. It was so beautiful, just a shame it was so freezing cold. I began to wish I was wearing jeans rather than a Winter skirt!


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