Monday 15 December 2014

The Botanist

Many months ago I heard a little whisper that the Botanist would be opening in Newcastle and have been giddy with anticipation ever since.   Those of you who enjoy trips to Manchester or Leeds may well already be familiar with the Botanist, a bar that's unique in its botanical style and extensive cocktail list.

I'll forgive you if you maybe haven't noticed its arrival in Newcastle as it's rather sneakily hidden away.  If you glance up above Reiss at the Monument Mall you will notice the bright green Botanist sign and just to the left of Jamie's you'll find the entrance carefully tucked away.
I was among a small group of lucky bloggers invited to have a little look around the new bar ahead of the opening. 

In preparation for the sugary cocktails I knew I'd be drinking, I decided to walk up the stairs to the bar (there were more than I expected so half way up I did start to wish if taken the lift!).   

I was greeted warmly at the door and shown to the bar for our bloggers cocktail master class.  All cocktails at the Botanist are free poured by a team of very knowledgeable bar tenders which makes it different to any other bar in Newcastle.  

The cocktail list is varied with a selection of martini, long and short drinks as well as watering cans for sharing.  The ingredients are all fresh and with lots of different flavour combinations there is definitely something for everyone. 

First up was Chloe and Sarah who tried their hand at making an English Mojito.   A Mojito is one of my favourites and this one was up there with one of the best I've ever tried.

They were soon followed by Carly and Tasha who were taught how to make an Apricot and Mint Daiquiri.  I wasn't convinced that Apricot and Mint would taste great together but it really worked and was my favourite of the night.

Hannah and Lauren were the lucky ladies who got to try their hand at the Botanist's signature cocktail, very originally named "the Botanist".   Of all the cocktails it is probably the most eye catching and certainly has a unique taste.  It was very earthy and is one that needs to be tried.

Learning how to make cocktails was so much fun and if you are interested in giving it a go yourself you can book a master class here from £25.00 per person.

We then went on a little tour of the bar and I think we all fell pretty hard for the place.  It was impossible not to.   It felt a bit like being inside a magical garden.  There were snug little corners everywhere with lots of wood, greenery and funky coloured chandeliers.

The best part is probably the large tree that grows out of the top of the bar.  It is such a beautiful sight in the evening with little lights hanging from the branches that look like glow worms.  It was impossible to capture how beautiful it looked with a camera, it has to be seen to be believed.

The Botanist also offers wonderful aerial views of Grey Street and I know that I'll make sure to request one of these fantastic tables whenever  I make a booking. 

One thing I was very excited about was the chance to admire the view offered from the Botanist's rooftop.  There's a little staircase leading up to the second level which has an access out on to the roof.  At the moment it's open to the elements but a retractable roof, lots of seating and a bar are all planned in time for next Summer.  It will definitely be THE place to be when the weather gets warmer as the views are just fantastic.

My favourite part of the bar was the intimate private dining area which is available for celebrations with family and friends or even business meetings.   The d├ęcor was really kitsch and I was happy when I realised we'd be spending the rest of our evening in the room.

Now you may be wondering what the Botanist has on offer for those that don't love cocktails.  Well!  We also had a go at some beer tasting which you can also do in a Masterclass from £15.00 per person. 

I'm not really a big beer drinker and I'm not sure I'll ever truly appreciate it but the outstanding knowledge and enthusiasm the Botanist have for their drinks convinced me to give it a good go.   There was a varied selection to try and I don't think beer drinkers will be disappointed.

We had a little try of some food with some Deli Boards that are available for £9.75 with a choice of delicious salads, meats, fish and cheese to choose from to create your own board.

It was gone 11:00pm by the time I left the Botanist, the temptation to try more cocktails was just too much to resist!

I can't wait to go back after Christmas and take Simon.  I am so excited about having such a fantastic new place open in Newcastle and I know that it's going to be so popular!

The Botanist opens from today at the Monument Mall. 


  1. "All cocktails at the Botanist are free poured by a team of very knowledgeable bar tenders which makes it different to any other bar in Newcastle".

    Can I ask what this means? Just I know lots of cocktail bars in Newcastle where the cocktails are created to order - or does this mean something else and I'm being dumb?!

    The place sounds amazing, and the view is great, similar to the Charles Grey! This is definitely somewhere I'll be trying :)

    1. Free pouring is where they pour in all the ingredients without using measures. Before each shift the bartenders have to pass a "free pouring" test before they're allowed to serve customers. I think a number of places do free pour cocktails (I've had a little look into this since reading your comment) - but the Botanist will be one of the few that are allowed to free pour other drinks as well.

      You definitely need to get yourself there!

  2. My sister and I are hoping to go on Friday night. It looks amazing. I noticed the huge lights last week as we went to Jamie's Italian. Katie x.

    1. Fantastic! Make sure you book yourself a table, I think it'll be busy!

  3. I went last Wednesday it was amazing! Which cocktails did you try? We should have a bloggers tipple soon! xxx

    1. What cocktails didn't I try! I had a sip of all the ones we made and then also tried the Cherry and Sage Sling and the Strawberry and Cucumber Breeze .. as well as trying little sips of everyone elses ;)

  4. Those drinks look amazing - I'm glad you had a good night.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. Making cocktails is really good fun, I would make a rubbish mixologist however. This looks like a lovely place and the girls in the pics look like they had fun. The view is beautiful and in the summer sitting there drinking pims would be brill Lucy x

    1. I am SO bad at it, I think because I'm left handed ... I ended up just flinging ice and juice all over the bar!

  6. I've never heard of the Botanist but I do love a good cocktail and I would love to try cocktail making, it looks like so much fun! Next time I'm in Newcastle I'll definitely pop in and try something from the menu as the Botanist is in such a good location!

    1. Yes! I can't wait to go back and try some food as soon as possible next year!

  7. Oooh this sounds and looks lovely! I love going for a few cheeky cocktails, so I will need to try this out next time I'm in the toon! ;)


  8. This place looks amazing, I've heard lots of good things about it.

    Can't wait to try it one day.

    Berry Smiles



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