Monday 1 December 2014

Winter Coats at Jacamo

Simon and I have been living together for a year and a half now.  I think if you were to ask him what the most annoying thing about sharing a small rented flat with me he'd probably say my obsession with coats.   

I have a lot!  So many that it's actually near enough impossible to close the door to our flat without having to clear a path of coats first. Last week the sheer volume of my coats actually brought the hooks on the wall in our hallway crashing down (but shhhh we're not talking about that!)

In comparison poor Simon barely has any coats. Whether it be a gorgeous Spring day or a cold and wet Winter afternoon he is stuck in the same coat offering little warmth and definitely no protection from the elements. I have been saying for a good long time he's in desperate need of a new coat.

So when Jacamo got in touch asking if Simon would like to review a coat it couldn't have been better timed.

Jacamo stock men's clothes from a variety of brands such as French Connection and Ben Sherman and caters for sizes S to 5XL, so really does have something for everyone. 

We had a fun evening with our cups of tea looking round the website and shopping from the comfort of our warm flat. Like most men, Simon isn't a huge fan of shopping on the high street and browsing for clothes online is far more enjoyable for him.

There was a wide range of coats to choose from and each one offered a detailed product description and photograph. 

Wanting something warm and waterproof we picked out the Eto Full Zip Nylon Jacket. Described as "easy to wear streetwear" we put it to the test during a recent visit to my parents in Norfolk.

It was a pretty breezy weekend and with the sky thick with cloud was also rather cold.  We spent our day pottering around garden centres and his new coat kept him dry and warm. 

The fleecy lining makes it look so cosy and I will admit there were a few times when I considered maybe pinching it and putting it on myself.

Simon opted for the Size Medium and happily it was a great fit. The size guide on the site was really accurate. 

Now we're just waiting for a wet day so we can go outside and play in the rain. The coat has the very welcome addition of a hood so I'll no longer skip off to work on a damp day in my snuggly coat feeling bad that Simon is going to get soaked.

What do you think of Simon's new coat?

Jacamo gifted us the coat for review purposes but all opinions are our own.  


  1. Buying coats for men is quite difficult but this looks great on and warm. I hope that you will now make some space for the coat so that he doesn't have to fight all of yours to get it out. I am exactly the same Lucy x

    1. I shall let him have a teeny bit of space (once the coat hook is back on the wall of course!)

  2. I think this coat is great! I am currently looking for a gift for my Step - Dad so will have a look at the site! Thanks for the review :) xx

    1. Brilliant ... there's a fantastic sale on the site at the moment!

  3. We've both changed our other halves into male fashion bloggers! Love this :)
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. HA HAAAAAAAAAAA! I loved the shoe being on the other foot :)

  4. A lovely coat! It looks fab and the fit is just perfect. He looks very pleased with it!

    Fresh And Fearless

  5. That coat looks great and really really warm :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. It does doesn't it ... need to get my hands on it!

  6. He suits it, what a good pick! Bet it's super snug!

    Kay xx

  7. My Ryan is the same, except he has lots of coats, but very rarely wear them when we go out and gets all cold and wet. It must be a northern man thing.
    I think Simon chose very well, the coat looks very snug :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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