Tuesday 14 June 2016

A Summer Garden Party

One of the best things about owning our own house is that we finally have a little garden to call our own. After years of living in a flat with no outdoor space it's so exciting that we now have somewhere to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

When we bought our house a south facing garden was top of our priority list and now that we have it we intend to make full use out of it this Summer by enjoying as many Summer Garden Parties as we possibly can.

Our garden isn't huge but size doesn't have to matter when it comes to hosting your own Summer Garden Party.  Here's just a few ways that we plan to make Summer Garden parties a reality in our tiny garden this Summer.

Crack out the cook books

I don't know about you but our kitchen shelf is heaving under the weight of all the cook books that we never open. Hosting a Summer Garden Party gives us the perfect excuse to make all those recipes that we've been wanting to try.

Order a case of wine

I love to enjoy a refreshing drink in the garden during the Summer. We like to order our wine by the case so we always have plenty in stock if we feel like throwing a spontaneous Summer party. A well stocked bar at a garden party is essential.

Festival vibes

With no garden storage we only have the space for two garden chairs and a small table. We're not going to let this stop us from throwing a Summer party though. I love the idea of throwing some colourful cushions on to the grass or making a den out of blankets to create a festival vibe on our lawn.

Garden Games

Every party needs games and the classics always go down well at a Garden Party. If you're feeling crafty it can be fun to create your own garden games. I'm going to start saving tin cans so we can make our own skittles game.


Small gardens can look so cosy on a hot Summer evening with a few outdoor garden lights to create a bit of ambience. I plan to drape some pretty lights across our fence ready for the Summer months but tea lights in jam jars can look just as cute if you prefer things to look a little more rustic.

Getting Cosy

No matter how hot it's been during the day we all know that as soon as the sun vanishes things can get pretty chilly. A basket of fleecy throws for your guests to help themselves to is a great way to ensure that your party continues into the evening if the temperature starts to drop. A Hot Chocolate Station is also a great way to end the night.

Let me know if you have any of your own ideas for hosting the perfect Summer Garden Party.

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts are my own.



  1. In that first picture I thought woaaaa your garden is massive! ;) Alice xx


  2. I'm excited for my invite :D

    I would add, get the music playlist right :D


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