Thursday 30 June 2016

June Days

I've been out and about snapping away at anything and everything on my Instagram this month and have a fair few photos and stories that didn't make the blog.

Beautiful Views

We've finally bought a car and we are so excited. Whilst deciding what make and model we were going to purchase we got to do some test driving which meant adventuring about the North East in a lovely new car. Visiting Tynemouth for some beautiful evening sunshine was the highlight and we had the best fish and chips I've ever had from Longsands Fish Kitchen. Look out for a full post all about our new car coming very very soon!

Pet Lamb Love

I've been hooked on watching two Geordie lasses from the Grainger Market on YouTube recently. Kay and Katie at Pet Lamb Patisserie have their own channel on YouTube and it's brilliant! Make sure you subscribe for cake making tutorials and hilarious games and Q&As. Unfortunately watching their videos does always make me hungry. In the end I had to give in and head to the shop for a paper bag full of snacks. It's always great to pop in for a chat and to choose cake. Did I mention that these amazing ladies are making my wedding cakes? LITTLE BIT EXCITED!

Wedding Countdown 

How's this for a reality check? I've officially started the wedding countdown with an 100 day countdown. Something tells me the time is just going to fly now. I'm not panicking too much yet and we've managed to tick a fair few things off the list recently. I am so so excited to become a Mrs and am looking forward to watching that number drop. Is it September yet?

Gaming Geek

Ask Simon what his biggest wish in life is and I'm pretty sure that me becoming a gamer is pretty much up there. Simon has a huge passion for the games industry and I know at times he wishes that I shared it. Every now and again I dip my toe in and give it a go but I'm yet to be convinced. My latest attempt involved a squirrel game where I kept accidentally falling into a waterfall and having to start again. So annoying! I really didn't need to wear the headset, I just wanted to look like Simon!

Eating Naked

Following our night at the launch of Naked Deli in Gosforth the love is very real! We popped in for a delicious Saturday lunch and both opted for burgers. The burgers at Naked Deli are beautiful and so filling and knowing that you're not shovelling dirty rubbish into your body just makes things even better. There are several burger options, Simon had his with a rye bun but I opted for the mushroom alternative. Yes, my burger is actually sandwiched between two giant mushrooms - amazing! Simon practically lives at the Naked Deli now, it's surely only a matter of time before they name a table after him.

Climbing Monument

Remember my North East Bucket List? Well I'm very happy to tell you that I've finally ticked something off and we have climbed Monument. There is a blog post coming next month but I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful photo of the view from the top. So proud to be an honorary Geordie.

Honeymoon Shopping

The biggest news of the month has to be that we've booked our honeymoon. We'll be heading to Miami for a 3 day stay followed by a 2 week Caribbean cruise. We have to wait until March but the 6 month wait gives me plenty of time to sort out my wardrobe for honeymoon clothes. I've already started with these gorgeous patterned shorts from Primark, they were only £4 each and I love them. If anyone has any blogs about Miami or the cruising the Caribbean please do let me know.

The Tea House

Some places on my epic food list have been there for an embarrassingly long time and the Olde Young Teahouse in Middlesbrough in one of those places. So when my friend Sarah offered to drive me there on Saturday I was one very happy lady. I'm so glad to finally have had a chance to visit and let me tell you this place is AMAZING! We had afternoon tea for £10 each where we got to pick our sandwiches, cake and scone and the food was perfect. I just wish I had the tummy capacity to try every single sweet treat on offer because there were some beautiful cakes on the counter.


Who doesn't love an outfit of the day. All too often I leave the house looking like a complete scruff but every now and again I apply a tiny amount of thought and manage to pull together an outfit that doesn't look too bad. This bomber jacket from New Look is my current love and makes any outfit look far better than it actually is. Minimal effort always gets a thumbs up from me!

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