Monday 20 June 2016

Flat Caps New Coffee Shop in Newcastle

I have some very exciting gossip to share with you all today. Flat Caps Coffee are hoping to open a second shop in Newcastle!

Those of you who are already fans are probably already bouncing off the walls at this news, but for those of you looking at me with confused faces allow me to explain.

Flat Caps Coffee is a little independent coffee shop hidden away just off Northumberland Street in Newcastle. It is so hidden that its fantastic reputation, loyal customers and word of mouth has been the driving force behind the shop's success. That and a rather amazing guy called Joe.

Joe set up Flat Caps after being made redundant from his banking job and worked hard to make his coffee shop dream a reality. With a huge passion for coffee and an impressive amount of barista awards under his belt, Joe has made his business a huge success and if you ask any coffee lover in Newcastle where to get the best coffee in the Toon they will, without hesitation, point you in the direction of Flat Caps.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the streets above, Flat Caps is the perfect place to snuggle up with an amazing cup of coffee in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Keen to put Newcastle on the map of the coffee world Joe is now looking to expand and open a second shop in the city, offering the same amazing cups of coffee but with extended opening hours and hopefully more room for Flat Cap's legion of fans.

And here's where we can all help!

Joe has started a Kickstarter offering us all the opportunity to back his project and help him open up a second coffee shop. There are some brilliant incentives and something to suit every budget with some great perks, gifts and exclusive experiences.

I think you'll agree that this list of pledges is pretty cool:

Pledge £1 or more: For every £1 you pledge you'll receive £2 to spend on coffee in store

Pledge £10 or more: Receive Flat Cap's world famous Christmas card delivered to your door

Pledge £15 or more: Receive a personalised copy of the Northern Coffee Guide

Pledge £20 or more: Receive a personalised copy of the Newcastle Cook Book which features recipes from loads of amazing Newcastle restaurants.

Pledge £35 or more: Learn new skills at the Flat Cap's Latte Art class

Pledge £35 or more: Attend the Sensory Coffee Experience, a class on tasting coffee 

Pledge £50 or more: Get a table named after you in the new Flat Cap's shop

Pledge £75 or more: Learn home brewing techniques to make yourself the perfect cup of coffee at home

Pledge £75 or more: Grab yourself a ticket to the opening launch party at the brand new Flat Cap's coffee shop

Pledge £100 or more: Join the basic Barista Skill Course

Pledge £150 or more: Attend the intermediate Barista Skills Course

Pledge £200 or more: A master barista course offering a one on one lesson tailored to you

Pledge £500 or more: One year membership offering you free coffee for a year, a VIP invitation to the launch party and free invites to all events

Pledge £1,000 or more: Two years membership offering you free coffee for two years,  a VIP invitation to the launch party and free invites to all events

Pledge £1,500 or more: Three year membership offering you free coffee for three years,  VIP invitation to the launch party and free invites to all events

If you are as excited as I am at the thought of a second Flat Caps Coffee Shop in Newcastle then you can find the Kickstarter page here - let's get this brilliant local business the second shop that it deserves!

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  1. This is such a good idea! I've never been to Flat Caps before, think i'll have to give it a visit!

    Good luck Joe!

    Kay xx


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