Thursday 25 July 2013

Cocktail Week

10 years ago I was quite the party queen, I used to love nothing more than downing cheap wine and dancing the night away to the cheesiest pop I could find.   I fear nowadays I've become a bit of a Nan and prefer to spend my weekend evenings snuggled up indoors on the sofa with my other half watching some trash I've stashed up on Sky Plus.

However, after realising last week that since moving to Newcastle (the party capital of the UK) I have returned to my  flat in the dark only twice I thought it might be about time to venture out.

So with the promise of very cheap cocktails and some enthusiastic guests to entertain we decided to head out for a mini night on the Toon to celebrate NE1's Cocktail Week.
I say mini as we managed three bars and were safely tucked up in a restaurant by 8:15 pm but it's a start and has definitely made us decide that we need to make more of an effort to see what the Newcastle nightlife has to offer.

Following the success of Restaurant Week the lovely folk at NE1 organised the first ever "Cocktail Week" with several bars around the city offering a selection of their cocktails at £3, £5 or £7 for one week only.
We started our night in Tokyo, a lovely little bar with a roof terrace, possibly a little chilly on this occasion but we braved it.  The bar staff in Tokyo really know their stuff, each cocktail was made with such care and so well presented and the drink list feels quite sophisticated.

This was followed with the rather disappointing Blackie Boy, we drank up quite fast and left.  On the plus side their cocktail menu was very cheap even without the offers of Cocktail Week.
Our last bar was Florita's, which I have to say I loved the second I walked into, it's an Hawaiian themed bar .. yes it's a bit cheesy, but  I was immediately at home with the colourful cocktail menu and bright d├ęcor.  Just take a look at all of the lovely cocktails they have on offer: COCKTAILS   The boys were very taken with their Zombie drinks, complete with novelty glasses and I have my eye on several cocktails that I'd like to try in the future (just as soon as they have pineapples back in stock!)

Roll on Restaurant Week!


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