Tuesday 23 July 2013

Monday Smiles

I am writing this on my brand new laptop.  About time too, my old one was several years old and although had served me well was beginning to sound, in Simon's words, like an asthmatic horse.  Sticking to what I know I bought a brand new HP and then followed that with a new camera.  Not being a pro photographer like a lot of other bloggers out there I've upgraded my existing camera and am now the proud owner of a Panasonic Lumix TZ40.  For anyone that's not amazing at taking photos but who wants a good, reliable camera  I really do recommend it.

This weekend we've had our first visitors to the North East, one of the girls at my old job in London came to visit with her new boyfriend and it was just so lovely to see a friendly face and show off my new home.   Unfortunately after weeks and weeks of hot sunshine the weather had a bit of a moment and turned fairly muggy, we didn't let that stop us though and like any good "Tour Guide Barbie" I made sure we had a busy itinerary to keep our guests entertained.  On Saturday we took the Metro to Tynemouth for some crazy golf followed by a stroll to our favourite ice-cream parlour, "Beaches and Cream".   Although completely shattered after the sea air we managed to follow that with a mini night in Toon to enjoy Cocktail Week before ending the evening at El Coto for some amazing Tapas.  Sunday's activity was an easy choice, a morning stroll through the Quayside Market where our guests bought jam and fudge to take back South and then a visit to the RedHouse (which I have been wanting to try for ages) for pie and mash.

Amazing weekend .. but I think it will take me a week to recover from all of the food .. my poor belly!

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