Tuesday 30 July 2013

Monday Smiles

What a lovely relaxing weekend we've had.  Our diary is pretty full with plans in the next few weeks before our holiday so decided to spend this weekend pottering about without much of an itinerary (anyone who knows me well knows that it's not often I have a day without a plan).  We spent an enjoyable Saturday strolling round Eldon Square where I picked up a beautiful new dress in New Look, it'll be perfect for holiday and possibly for the wedding that we're going to in December.  Sunday was a complete chill out day, Simon spent the day gaming, which is something he's not really had much time to do since I descended on the North and I spent some time catching up with TV.  Although I did quickly pop to Primark to prevent myself going stir crazy .. I'm not very good at spending an entire day sat inside.

The highlight of my week was something that I'm afraid I didn't get a photo of.  This weekend was the Sunderland Air Show and although we didn't go I was very lucky and got a bit of a treat on my walk home on Friday.  Just as I was crossing the Millennium Bridge there was a loud roar of planes from behind the Baltic and the next moment the Red Arrows flew straight above my head and over the Tyne Bridge.  It was such an amazing sight and  I feel so fortunate to have seen it.
Hope you all have fabulous Mondays!
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