Monday 8 July 2013

Monday Smiles

Being a bit of a foodie, there are a number of restaurants that I always knew I’d miss when I moved from London, one of them was Ed’s Diner.  Whilst I didn’t go often it was always somewhere that I liked to pop to every now and again to fill up my belly with burgers and milkshakes.  So I was VERY excited when I realised a few months before relocating that one was opening in the Metro Centre in Gateshead.  Simon and I had been planning on going to Cafe Rouge on date night this week but somehow we ended up with a craving for burgers which lead to Simon getting his first Ed’s experience.   It didn’t let us down.  Ed you have a new fan!
OMG how amazing has the weather been this weekend?  At times it actually felt like we were in another country.  I know quite a few people who have flown off on their holidays this week and I almost feel sorry for them cos they’ve spent all that money and are missing amazing sunshine at home.
We spent our Saturday having a lovely time working on our tans (aka trying not to let our pale skin go neon red) in the park.  More to follow on that later in the week.
In the meantime here’s a little sneak preview in Monday smiles:
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