Wednesday 31 July 2013

Old Treasures

I can be a bit of a hoarder, I realised this after packing to move to Newcastle and spending hours and hours sorting out my room in London, desperately trying to work out what to get rid of and what I couldn't live without.  It was during this de-cluttering that I started sorting through my jewellery and came across two forgotten pieces that I'd never actually worn.

The first was given to me by my  Grandma on my 18th birthday.  She wanted to give me something special, but at the time I wasn't really sure what to ask for so just gave her a rather generic idea of "jewellery".   She went to the local jewellers and bought me a gold locket.  To be honest it wasn't really to my taste.  I felt a bit too young to wear it and the few times I tried it on I really didn't feel like it suited me.   Stumbling across it at the age of 32 I was SO excited to give it another try.  It is beautiful and I absolutely love wearing it.   I'm so glad that I found it and that I now get to wear something so pretty that has a real sentimental value.   My Grandma will be 90 this year and is still going strong, I loved showing her the necklace when I last saw her and telling her how much I love it.
The second I think was bought as a present by one of my sisters years and years ago (I'm hoping if she's reading this she forgives me for not embracing it when I was first given it).  Again at the time it felt a little too big for my tastes.  But now statement necklaces are  in fashion and I love that I have one that not many others have.   It's had quite a few outings already.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? 



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