Monday 30 June 2014

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

When Chloe asked me to do a guest post focusing on something in my local area I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I live in the beautiful county of Cumbria which borders Northumberland, is home to The Lake District and attracts over 15.8 million visitors a year. Despite the stunning landscapes and impressive scenery my favourite attraction is the South Lakes Wild Animal Park.

I love getting up close and personal with animals and at this zoo you can get a lot closer than at most.

Located at the Southern tip of the Lake District the zoo houses over 1,000 animals including rare and endangered species. Privately owned by David Gill the park has a big focus on conservation. Working with The Wildlife Protection Foundation and The Sumatran Tiger Trust the team at South Lakes Wild Animal Park work all over the world doing everything from building water wells to rehabilitating animal and releasing them back into the wild.

My favourite thing about the park is the fact that you can interact with the animals. You can hand feed penguins, giraffes and lemurs and walk among
 monkeys, wallabies, kangaroos, penguins, emus and more!


 Just remember to keep an eye on your belongings while you're around the free roaming animals. I put my handbag down to take a photo of a lemur and a little squirrel monkey sneaked up and had a look to see if there was anything he fancied inside. Luckily I noticed before he managed to grab anything although he did have one hand in it and was rummaging around!

The park is open every day and a day ticket is £15 for adults, £9 for children and £11 for senior citizens although if you're intending to go more than once a year it would make more sense to opt for the 365 day ticket which is just twice the price.

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  1. I love a good zoo! This one looks amazing and I can't believe how cheap it is and the fact I've never heard of it before either but it's just across in Cumbria is bizarre. I need to make summer plans to see the monkeys :)

  2. I love this! Most certainly on the 'to go' list now especially because of the fact they place focus on conservation.
    I love animals and animal parks but just can't support certain ones where it's just poor creatures in cages. This place sounds lovely and so much fun - awesome photos too!


  3. Oooh I like the idea of the animals all mooching about (not in your handbag though!) Some zoos are just heartbreaking so this sounds ideal.
    M x Life Outside London

  4. What a great feature. The animals are adorable so very sweet Lucy x

  5. I'm not going to lie I got far too excited about this post when I saw Giraffes! I've been dying to visit this place for a while now!
    Kloe xx

  6. Aww those cute little monkeys! I'm loving them and the giraffes - it looks like a lovely place to visit in the summer!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  7. Aww I love zoo's.
    It's amazing how you can get so close!
    If I lived closer i'd 100% get the year ticket i'd be there all the time!

  8. Aww this place looks great - it's on my list for the summer now! :)


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