Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Staycation

Just a little note to say I'm off on my holidays!

As much as I wish I'd packed a suitcase full of shorts and cute Summer dresses to head off to a hot Greek Island, the case that's currently sitting on my bedroom floor is full of jeans, jumpers, waterproofs and a very hopeful bottle of factor 30.  Yep, this year we're on "Staycation".  In a bid to save ourselves money to put in our "buying a house" fund we're heading to Norfolk to stay with my parents for a week of catching up with friends and family and dragging Simon off to all the places I used to love visiting as a kid.

Whilst I'm away I shall not be blogging, but I leave you in the capable hands of three of my favourite bloggers who will be guest posting for me.  Lindsay will be taking you on a trip to see some animals, Michelle will be chatting about what it's like to leave London behind and set up a new life in the countryside and Kel will be talking about cake (because obviously it wouldn't be right for New Girl to go a week with no cake posts).

I hope you enjoy the posts, and please support the girls by heading over to their blogs for a gander, they all write really fun lifestyle blogs.

Make sure you all keep your fingers crossed that I get "bootiful" weather in Norfolk and I shall see you all in a week!



  1. A staycation is a great idea. Have a fantastic time, I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you.

  2. Wishing you and Simon a wonderful holiday and that you have glorious weather. Those jeans and waterproofs won't see the light of day Lucy x

  3. Have a fab old time! Fingers crossed you have reason to whack out that factor 30 - I look forward to hearing all about your adventures upon your return!

    Steph xx
    Lay It Bare

  4. I love staycations! The UK is just as beautiful if more so, the only let down sometimes is the weather but thats not going to stop me exploring. This year's staycation are Scotland and Isle of Wight this summer. I cant wait to see picture from your staycation.

    Dubai | A Visual Diary

  5. Hope you have a lovely week and fingers crossed the weather is good for you

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

  6. I grew up always having staycations and I love them! Hope you have a relaxing time!

  7. Hope you have a lovely time and get some sunshine! xx

  8. Hope you bring the sunshine to Norfolk, it's been a pretty wet weekend!

  9. have a lovely relaxing time Chloe! sometimes a staycation is the most restful :) x

  10. I'm staycationing this year too :) have a great time and can't wait to read all about your adventures when you get back! :)

  11. a Summer staycation sounds awesome, in my opinion! :-) I need to get myself out there, seeing more of the UK. x


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