Monday 25 May 2015

Coffee with Currys

Recently the lovely guys and gals at Joe Blogs made the journey back up to the North to introduce the North East Bloggers to the wonderful world of coffee based cocktails.

My younger sister introduced me to Espresso Martinis a while back so I'm no stranger to the concept of coffee in a cocktail glass but I was interested to see what other cocktails our host bar, Revolution, had up their sleeve.

Hosted by Currys, the night saw us battling it out for the wittiest tweets to win ourselves a coffee machine. I'll admit I was pretty lazy with my attempts as Simon and I are already proud owners of a Tassimo machine.  So instead I kicked back and took the opportunity to catch up with some of my friends whilst sipping a delicious concoction that tasted a little like alcoholic tiramisu.

This was my first visit to Revolution in Newcastle. I always presumed it to be a bit of a party bar and not for folks like me who spend their evenings hanging out in their slippers.  I was surprised at how stunning the bar is, housed in an old bank, the building has original 30ft ceilings, marble pillars and gorgeous wood features.  Having a quick squizz through the menu (always thinking with my belly!) I'm wondering if I maybe need to try the food there some time!
After a good catch up, we were invited to the bar to learn how to make some of our own coffee based cocktails.  We took turns to go behind the bar in groups for some cocktail making (cue ice everywhere, sticky hands and smashed glasses!)
Going behind the bar makes you realise the hard work that goes into making a good cocktail.  It's not all just about shovelling some ice into a glass and shaking it up with some alcohol!   We were shown some pretty impressive tricks including pouring drinks into multiple glasses at once and playing dominoes with shot glasses.
The event reminded me how much I love the flavour of coffee and how delicious it can be when served in a fancy glass with some alcohol!
Thanks to Joe Blogs, Currys and Revolution Newcastle for hosting such a fantastic night.
Photos in this post were taken by myself and Joe Blogs 


  1. Great write up, I'm disappointed I missed it!

    Kay xx

  2. Mmmmm love coffee, love cocktails - what's not to love! I think Rev's in a fab bar for those aged 30+, definitely one of my faves. Lovely atmosphere and always plays good music.....although inevitably we always end up on the vodka shots!

  3. oh i do love girly meet up this looks so good , glad you had a lovely time

  4. This seems like so long ago now! Such fun though xx


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