Tuesday 12 May 2015

Sunday Brunch Breakfast Pizzas at Herb Garden

Ask me to name two of my favourite indulgences and it's pretty likely that "Breakfast" and "Pizza" will both appear pretty high on the list.  So when a press release for the Herb Garden's new Sunday brunch menu popped into my inbox a few weeks ago, I happily accepted their invitation to head down to Westgate Road and try out their new Breakfast Pizzas.

Herb Garden are no beginners to Sunday brunching having already introduced their "Six Ways Eggs" menu to Newcastle but they are now ready for things to get even more exciting with breakfast served on pizzas.

We planned our brunch on what turned out to be a very wet and miserable day in the North East. The Metro wasn't running due to engineering works, it was freezing cold and the rain was lashing down in a way that soaks you through to your skin.  We half thought about cancelling our table but then we remembered ... breakfast pizzas!

Luckily the Herb Garden is a great place to hide on a dark and miserable day, we were welcomed into the warm restaurant, stashed away our umbrellas and headed to our table.   The interior of the restaurant is just as beautiful as we remembered from our previous visit, with a roof of pretty lanterns and herbs grown in little pods.

First on our agenda was drinks - milkshakes to be precise.  Simon is a bit of a milkshake monster but I'm not usually that bothered.   The options at Herb Garden were so good though I couldn't resist.  I opted for Banoffee Pie and Simon had a Blueberry, Mango, Pineapple and Vanilla.  For those wanting to carry on last night's party you can also turn these into boozy shakes!

I was so happy when my milkshake appeared and saw it was topped with a very generous helping of cream - how's that for some Sunday indulgence?  It was served with a huge chunky straw which  I soon realised I needed to suck up the gorgeous chunks of fresh banana.   

So what are these breakfast pizzas all about?   Well take a little look at the Brunch Menu and introduce yourself to Breakfast in Bed, Fannie Farmer, Twisted English and The Shakshuka - your new best friends after a heavy night on the Toon!

The breakfast pizzas cater for every taste with two sweets and two savouries to choose from.

Simon opted for a sweet pizza and ordered the "Fannie Farmer" - try ordering that without sniggering at the name!

The Fannie Farmer is smothered in Salted Caramel and Maple Syrup with a generous scattering of Pecan Pie and finished off with a dollop of ice-cream.  

Unfortunately if you're dating a blogger that ice-cream turns into a bit of a puddle by the time all the photos are taken, but I promise if you're dating a normal person the ice-cream is presented in a huge icy cold creamy dollop in the middle!

Does a sweet pizza work?  Well according to Simon it most certainly does, he polished the whole lot off although did feel very very full afterwards.  Maybe a milkshake and sweet pizza isn't the best combination, so if you're going for a sweet pizza I'd suggest maybe ordering one of the lovely green and flowering teas to go with it.

Unfortunately my nut allergy got in the way of me having a sweet treat (I would have ordered a Breakfast in Bed - a rather lovely sounding chocolate, banana and honey pizza if it hadn't been for the hazelnuts!) so I went for the Twisted English instead.  

Covered in Sausage, Parsley, Onion, Mushrooms, Tomato, Ricotta, Egg and so much Rocket I could convince myself that I was being very healthy.

I am very fond of egg on pizza and quite often skim read a pizza menu until I find the word "egg" and immediately put in my order.  The Twisted English didn't disappoint, the egg was runny and the sausages were delicious!

The pizzas are served on wooden boards that look really great but were very teeny tiny for the size of the pizzas!  Half my salad ended up on the table (notice how I only lost my rocket and managed to avoid pushing any precious sausage off my board!)

We left feeling satisfied and ready to head back outside and tackle the nasty weather!   The pizzas are fun, delicious and get two very big thumbs up from us - we will be back!

Herb Garden gave us complimentary meals for review purposes.


  1. Looks like a lovely idea for lunch - I would probably order a savoury pizza and get the kids a sweet one. Love the names - definitely couldn't order without sniggering!

  2. Ha I was thinking 'Breakfast Milkshakes?!' I had visions of egg and bacon with whipped cream and baked beans on top!! And don't even get me started on Fannie Farmer....!
    Lisa | Is It Just Meme

  3. Milkshakes and sweet pizza sounds like my perfect place Lucy x

  4. wow.. this place and menu looks and sounds amazing.. I guess pizza, is just another take on pancakes, in that both can (apparently) be sweet or savoury. I - am always sweet! And would ask for what Simon had, but without the nuts, happily! yum yum! :)


  5. Whatttttt...I feel like I've been missing out all my life. A breakfast pizza? Pizza is my all time favourite food. (Sad but extremely true) how amazing would it be to have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Would be pretty darn good! Katie x



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