Saturday 9 May 2015

Dear Newcastle ....

Dear Newcastle

Exactly two years ago today I could finally call you my home and on this special anniversary I can't help but reminisce of the first time I met you.

To me, you had always been a city so far North I didn't give you a second thought. The land of Byker Grove, Cheryl and Geordie Shore - I never thought you were anything special.

I was amazed when I realised I could reach you in less than 3 hours on the train.  That first journey was over in a flash and I'll never forget peering out of the window at the dark night sky as the train pulled into Central Station. I got my first view of the bridges over the Tyne, lighting up the landscape in vibrant colours. I'd never seen anything so beautiful.  

Stepping off the train that evening, I was reminded that there was a world outside of my London bubble and this world was full of happy people living at a normal pace, where strangers speak to strangers and folks are proud of their city.

I was keen to see more so the next day was up bright and early to explore. 

Why did no one ever tell me that you were so beautiful?  Streets lined with the most stunning  architecture, I'd never seen such a pretty road in the centre of a city.  Had you been keeping this secret to yourself all these years, or is it just that I'd never paid attention before?

Your streets were buzzing with people, happily hopping in and out of the independent bars and restaurants, skipping along the streets with arms full of shopping bags and enjoying the beautiful Northern sunshine.    People had told me it always rains in the North, that it's cold, wet and dark - my whole life I'd heard nothing but made up stories and I was ashamed that I'd believed every word.

It wasn't long before I knew it was love.  I wanted to be a part of this beautiful secret world!  So I said goodbye to friends and family, left a job I loved, packed up my belongings and started a brand new journey to becoming an honorary Geordie.

I've had many challenges, tearful days and struggles settling into my new home but I wouldn't change it for the world.   Waking up every day in a city I love makes me so happy.

Two years after arriving I'm so happy to be able to say that Simon and I are in the process of buying our first home together, a lovely little three bedroom house in Newcastle.

So I'm raising a glass to the Toon!  Newcastle, thank you for welcoming me and here's to many many more wonderful years together.



  1. And to you dear Chloe, thank you for making me see how glorious Newcastle is! I've never been that far north but the Toon is definitely on my list now!
    So happy you're happy and humongous good luck on the great house hunt!
    M x

  2. Aww, I'm glad you moved North! Happy anniversary!

    Kay xx

  3. Chloe, as another honorary Geordie you brought a tear to my eye. Very well said! Happy anniversary!

    Rachael xx

  4. Such lovely words. So nice to hear you talk so fondly of Newcastle - it really is a beautiful place!

    Claire x x

  5. Happy two year anniversary I am glad that you can now call it home. Best of all I now have another city I can visit with so many good food recommendations Lucy x

  6. How lovely is this post! So pleased you ventured up North xx


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