Friday 15 July 2016

Falling in love at Saltwell Park

Falling in love at Saltwell Park is an easy thing to do. I'm sure we're not the only couple in the North East who share our love story with the gorgeous Victorian park in Gateshead.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

When it came to choosing a location for our pre-wedding photo shoot with our wonderful wedding photographer Katie Byram, Saltwell Park was an obvious choice for us. Simon and I both love the park and it's played an important part in our relationship right from the start.

I first visited Newcastle to spend a proper long weekend with Simon back in the Summer of 2012, a few months after we met. Being in a long distance relationship means it can be a little daunting in the early days. Spending a whole weekend with someone that you've only had the opportunity to meet a few times is a little scary!

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

That first visit we spent an afternoon at Saltwell Park on the swan boats, and that time we spent messing about on the lake played a pretty important part in making me feel comfortable in the new relationship. Whenever we go to the park we love to reminisce about that day.

I sometimes wonder if that was the moment when we first started falling in love. Out on a lake in Gateshead, sitting in a white plastic swan!

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

Saltwell Park has always featured pretty heavily in our relationship. The first time I ran 5k it was in the park, with Simon by my side encouraging me to push on to the end. I never would have made that run if it hadn't been for him.

Hours have been spent sitting on the benches in the park watching squirrels, Simon usually steals my camera and runs around like a kid photographing them all.  His enthusiasm for wildlife is pretty infectious and a lot of my favourite memories involve us sticking our heads into the trees and bushes at Saltwell Park trying to discover what's rustling in the leaves.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

Up until a year ago we lived in a tiny flat in Gateshead with no outside space so Saltwell Park became our garden. We would pack up picnics or put on our comfiest shoes in the hunt for Spring flowers. In times when we had no money to spend and felt like we needed a break it was Saltwell Park where we wandered. Walking the paths and busily making plans for our future.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

These pictures were taken on the day we celebrated our 4th anniversary, and our very last anniversary as singletons. We couldn't have imagined spending it anywhere else.

Crazy to think that next time we return to Saltwell Park we'll be Mr and Mrs!

All photographs in this post were taken by the amazingly talented Katie Byram ( who we can't recommend enough. If you're looking for a relaxed and fun photographer for your wedding or family event she really is your girl.


  1. This is such a lovely story. Saltwell park was one of my favourites as a child. I remember them swan boats and always wanting to have ice-cream. Your engagement photos are beautiful. :D

  2. awww I love this. the photos are beautiful. I have been since I was a kid and there was a jumbo jet there lol x

  3. These photos are adorable - I love how you managed to get a lot of flowers in too.

  4. Aw i love a good love story and fabulous pictures too :)


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