Monday 18 July 2016

Wearing Contact Lenses Abroad

With our Honeymoon booked talk in our house quite often turns to sunshine and beaches at the moment. Even though we're not going until March I'm already obsessively thinking about packing lists and clothes shopping (any excuse!).

One of my biggest obsessions at the moment is sunglasses and I may have made a couple of cheeky purchases already in my mission to create the perfect Honeymoon wardrobe. 

Sunglasses are something that Simon always feels like he can't get excited about and that's because of his poor eyesight. Ever since I've known him he's grumbled to me about how hard day to day life can be when you wear glasses. In fact only the other morning I realised just how annoying wearing glasses can be when we were out on our morning run in the rain. His glasses had clouded over with rain and whilst removing them to give them a wipe poor old Simon managed to launch himself right into a giant puddle (I didn't laugh - promise!)

So Simon's now made the decision that on honeymoon he's going to leave the glasses behind. Wearing contact lenses abroad definitely makes sense. I'm sure Simon's not the only frustrated glasses wearer out there and I'm sure many of you have found yourselves on holiday wishing that you had packed your contact lenses.

So you might be interested to hear just how easy it can be to order your contact lenses while you're away from home. Vision Direct are Europe's largest online contact lens supplier and offer free fast delivery as well as savings of up to 42% against high street options.

As part of Vision Direct's Summer campaign you can follow Gizmo (who might be the world's cutest dog) and his family as they travel to Malaga (seriously check out the video of Gizmo's adventures, it's so cute!)

Vision Direct offer fast European delivery meaning that you can receive your lenses in 2-3 days depending on your destination for as little as £4.98. We had absolutely no idea that this service existed and was so easy to use, looks like Simon's days of panicking about contact lenses on holiday are over!

This post is in collaboration with Vision Express

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