Sunday 31 July 2016

July Days

I've been out and about snapping away at anything and everything on my Instagram this month. Here are just a few of the photos and stories that didn't make the blog.

We have a car

The biggest news of the month is that we finally own a car! Can you believe it? After years and years of relying on public transport we've bought a car from Springfield in Gateshead and so finally have our own set of wheels. It's taken us years to be able to afford a car and finally owning one is a dream come true. Look out for a blog post with all the gossip coming soon but in the meantime I need your recommendations of where to road trip!

Sunshine Days 

Sunny days are the perfect excuse to buy some new sunglasses am I right? I'm obsessed with Quay Australia at the moment. They have a huge range of gorgeous sunglasses at affordable prices and you can find them in Topshop or on Asos if you want to take a look. I'm obsessed with my new rose gold cat eye glasses and Simon and I have enjoyed getting creative with the mirror lenses (brownie points if you spotted the Pimms reflection in the glass!)

Beach Huts

Having a car means that on hot days we can venture out in the evenings to make the most of the sunshine. With temperatures hitting the high 20s this month we decided to journey to Blyth in Northumberland for a little walk along the seafront. The sea breeze was the perfect way to cool down. I love the multi coloured beach huts that sit along the beach, for a long time they were the only beach huts in Northumberland but I've heard that there are now also huts in Amble so I'm looking forward to visiting those on our next adventure.

Valentino Lusting 

I don't really wear heels that often but that hasn't stopped me from seriously lusting over a pair of Valentino Rockstuds - just look at them! The opening of new luxury store Flannels in the Metrocentre gave me the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with these beauties but unfortunately I had to leave them on the shelf. This girl has a wedding to pay for! Look out for a blog post soon all about the opening of the new store (and yes there may well be some more pictures of Valentino!)

Petal Picking

We ended our month with a trip back to Norfolk to stay with my parents. I love holidaying in the UK and when you're on a tight budget it's a great way to take a break without spending too much. We were very lucky with the weather and had some beautiful hot days which meant hours of drinking Prosecco in the garden. I spent a large part of the week wedding planning and took advantage of my Dad's beautiful garden by crawling about picking up rose petals to put in my flower girl's basket.

Ciccarelli Cones

Our trip to Blyth gave us the perfect excuse to finally try Ciccarelli ice-cream parlour. Since reading about 10 of the Best North East Ice Cream Parlours on North East Family Fun I've been on a mission to make my way round them all. I had the Maltesers flavour in a sugar cone and wow it was out of this world! I was seriously impressed and we've been comparing every ice-cream we've had since to Ciccarelli. So far we haven't found anything as good.


Great weather meant that I finally got to wear my pinafore dress and (despite making me feel a little like a 12 year old) I absolutely loved wearing it. It's so flattering and I love how you can completely change the way it looks by what you wear underneath it. I was a little nervous about wearing it out in public but you should never let fear stop you from wearing what you want to wear and I like to think I rocked it!

Macarons and More

Is there anything more depressing than discovering something amazing and knowing that it lives hundreds of miles away from where you live? As much as I hate to be a blogger cliche I'm a little obsessed with macarons and on a recent trip to Norwich we finally tried Macarons and More, a little store in the Arcade opened by Masterchef finalist Tim Kinnaird. Wow! I have never had macarons like these, we picked up a box of 6 and the flavours were beautiful. Luckily you can order online and something tells me we'll be getting boxes delivered from Norwich up to Newcastle very soon.

YouTube Star

This month I had my makeup trial for the wedding and got on so well with my makeup artist Victoria that she asked me if I'd like to be a model for her next YouTube video. I had a fantastic afternoon shooting a bridal look for her channel and was left with the most beautiful makeup to head out for dinner with friends. I'll be telling you more about Victoria and obviously sharing the video with you very soon but in the meantime make sure you check out Pins Petals and Powder if you're looking for bridal hair, makeup or flower inspiration - Victoria is so talented!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Ciccarelli's! Love the petal picking, they're a lovely colour, I'm a bit obsessed with photographing roses lately, I think it all started at Ox Pasture hall! x

  2. You've had a fun month! Love the sunglasses. I definitely spotted the pimms. Must be great to finally have a car, so freeing!

  3. What a fabulous month, your makeup looks awesome!

  4. I think July has been a FANTASTIC month for you - new car, ice cream, beach huts, macarons......perfection!

    I adore you in your denim dress and you don't look silly at all - very chic and you certainly rock the look!

  5. Sounds like an awesome month, so exciting about the car, I was so happy when we finally got a car in London, just makes life so much easier!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. Those macaroons look amazing. What a lovely month. It must be all getting very exciting, you must be counting down to your wedding in single figures now!!


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